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‘President T.’ Unleashes Hilarious Tweet Storm, Touts Oil Collapse, Blasts Immigrants, Fed

"Are you listening?"

"Are you listening?"
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2 comments on “‘President T.’ Unleashes Hilarious Tweet Storm, Touts Oil Collapse, Blasts Immigrants, Fed

  1. H.

    A more accurate moniker than ‘President T.’ would be PT as in PT Barnum. The full circus is on display.

  2. Just as a point of interest…

    Looking at the percentage of the earth’s population that depend on the oceans for their food staples…
    and looking at the amount of garbage being dumped in the oceans in the form of sewage and household and industrial waste. The oceans are doomed ….
    and looking at the projected global warming effects on global food production on the major food producers, it’s not a great leap of faith to see where this is headed. Within the next 50 years billions of people are going to at some point wake up and wonder where their next meal is coming from. We’ve seen the effects of famine in Africa. None of the African countries are military heavy-weights. The starving either get aid or die of starvation. If millions of people face starvation in a country that has military might, might the government start looking around at it’s neighbors to see if feeding it’s own population at the expense of the neighbors is a viable option??

    If this is a real concern for our children and grandchildren I think we’d better start thinking about our own family’s personal survival. I’ve lost faith in the government’s willingness to take any meaningful action and as we’re kicking the can down the railroad track, look up, that’s the light of the train coming at us you see in the distance and it’s moving faster than you think. Can you afford to take a chance on PT and the clowns?? It’s only your family.

    Merry Christmas.

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