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Meanwhile, Still Lurking In The Background: The Debt Ceiling

"Steven, no they won't."

"Steven, no they won't."
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10 comments on “Meanwhile, Still Lurking In The Background: The Debt Ceiling

  1. Lol, wonder when we’ll see U.S. Federal Government v U.S. Federal Government on the court dockets

  2. Interesting, naivety? I assume if your keyboard is capable or putting the double dot over the “i”, it is also capable of putting and “acute” over an ending “e” and spelling it correctly.

  3. Democrats might as well go all-in, because you KNOW where this is all heading anyway…an avalanche of debt to suppress both the economy and interest rates. There’s nothing but a ponzi market to placate anyone with leftover capital and dreams, and if I could only draw a line back to the beginning of this post to make an ourboros…

  4. Keep fighting endless, worthless wars and handing out unaffordable tax cuts……………dummies.

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