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In The Rose Garden: Meltdown

Move over, Charlottesville presser...

Move over, Charlottesville presser...
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17 comments on “In The Rose Garden: Meltdown

  1. YEP. I watched it on tv, absolutely stunned by not only what he was saying but more so because he is till in the WH. He defies anyone who has questions about evidence or support to his completely false statements; tells press personnel to sit down refusing to answer to them; ridiculous praise of Fox trash; brags (lies) that some think he should win (lol) Peace Prize; has embedded a movie plot as actual history. Almost an hour of constant rhetoric. This man is completely insane.

    Seriously, he has to be removed from office. It is incredibly risky to just let him ride out his term!

    If this was President Obama’s behavior, this trump ass would be at the head of the line to oust him from office!

  2. Quovadiszero

    The man is an imbecile. It frightens me to think of the millions of people in this country that voted for him, support him blindly, and Republicans in Congress that kiss his obese ass.

  3. The genius has left the stable.

  4. Sadly, this country has been on a slow grind towards Fascism all my life. When it comes to US imperialism, the extension of military might, and the unbridled support of vampire capitalism, every president in my lifetime has the towed the line. Step out of line and the system will crush you.

  5. Fentanall is velly velly dead-ree. Our Plesident is eed-ee-it.

  6. He sounded pumped up on Adderall today during his ranting speech

    • He had the tell tale sniffle. He’s also definitely a mean “speeder.”

      Mr. President, please please don’t be too nice, and try some pot before you do something really stupid.

  7. Wow.
    Just wow.
    It was really sad to watch all that.
    I noticed that after he finished rambling about whatever he imagines „many generals“ are thinking he said „I‘m a big deficit believer“.
    What‘s that even supposed to mean???
    I know, trying to make sense of his word salat is an exercise in futility, but, as you wrote, this „press conference“ was a new low.
    Not hate-wise, we‘ve seen worse than that, but babbling-wise.

  8. Pennywise McDonnie is what one gets when throwing a solipsistic mirror whoring Pagliacci, an amphetamine-addled fast food sociopath quisling, and a kindergarten patriot Ouroboros with a penchant for meta-rape into a political cuisinart and press all the buttons at once…. Scummo’s quixotic self-fellating about his economic and financial ambit are de facto psychosomatic proof that his hands are indeed quite inferior…

  9. I can’t even watch him speak. Thanks Walt Heisenberg for having the stomach to watch these horror shows and providing us all with the “post mortem” reports. He is such an embarrassment, I want to crawl under a table, curl up in a ball, stick my fingers in my ears and scream “LALALALA……” whenever I hear his voice. I wonder what his children think when they watch him?

    • Given that Don Jr is following in Dad’s footsteps, the “children” must admire him. And since it’s reported that Don Jr is a crowd-pleaser (for THAT crowd) we’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

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