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In Case Of Faux National Emergency, Break Constitution

"Normally, any other time, you’d say it’s a no-brainer"...

"Normally, any other time, you’d say it’s a no-brainer"...
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4 comments on “In Case Of Faux National Emergency, Break Constitution

  1. ya know, any member of Congress and any judge who condones trump’s outrageous opinions, behavior and abuse of power should be removed from office/bench just for being too ignorant and incompetent to perform responsible conduct and actions required to protect and enforce the Constitution and America!

    The only reason this pathetic prick sits in the WH today is due to an ignominious failure to properly oversee and protect our election process which allowed this travesty to begin. First thing should have been to roll back the illegal election — that was the first failure of those irresponsible persons mentioned in my first sentence.

    . . . and it is only getting worse by the day. What will be the decisive event to stop this bullshit?

  2. This Trump phenomenon we are seeing is the last 3-4 years is not a unique stand alone crisis .. it is in fact symptomatic of a breach in the balance of power and the breakdown of the triangular relationship between business , government and labor that was the hallmark of American Democracy for most of the last century.. Outsourcing at the last decade of the 20th century began the process of unbalancing which has led to the money talks and BS walks era we find ourselves in.

  3. The stock market seems happy. Why are the bond traders still screwing with the curve and imagining the economy matters anymore?

  4. I don’t believe that there’s actually anything in the legal code specifically to deal with “emergies”. Maybe we’ve all been outsmarted here? #CrazyLikeFox&Friends?

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