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Sanders Says Stone Indictment (Which Has 29 Mentions Of The Word ‘Trump’) Has ‘Nothing To Do With Trump’

No, *you're* the collusion.

Apparently, Rudy Giuliani wasn’t available on Friday morning or else Trump has finally decided that putting Rudy on TV after a bombshell story crosses the wires is a sure way to make things immeasurably worse, but whatever the case, damage control duty fell to Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday following the predawn arrest of Roger Stone.

Sanders, who you almost (and we emphasize “almost”) feel sorry for at this point, was immediately hit with the only question/statement that matters, which is that six people connected to Trump and the campaign have now been charged in the Mueller probe. Here is what she came up with:


Got that? “… all on things that have nothing to do with the President.”

I truly hope Trump’s support base (and perhaps more importantly, Congressional Republicans) are starting to appreciate how truly desperate this spin job is starting to sound.

If you word search the Stone indictment (which we printed in full first thing this morning) for the word “Trump”, you get 29 hits. The indictment is only 24 pages long. That means the word “Trump” comes up at least once on every single page, on average.

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‘FBI. Open The Door’: Roger Stone Arrested, Charged With Obstruction, Witness Tampering

This has literally everything to do with the President and Sanders’ attempt to characterize Stone and Manafort and Cohen as merely “having something to do with the President at some point” is about like Grimace, Birdie and The Hamburglar getting indicted and a spokesperson for McDonald’s suggesting the three of them are only loosely connected to Ronald.

But the best part came when CNN reminded Sanders that throughout the course of the interview, she steadfastly refused to answer a “yes” or “no” question about whether the President directed the campaign to contact Roger Stone.

Sanders, cornered, attempted to claim that she had in fact answered the question, but when asked (again) for a straight “yes” or “no”, she faltered.

We’ll just leave you with that clip because really, it speaks for itself (oh, and do note how she tries to accuse CNN of collusion).


4 comments on “Sanders Says Stone Indictment (Which Has 29 Mentions Of The Word ‘Trump’) Has ‘Nothing To Do With Trump’

  1. Soon the day shall come when she shall receive a gold plated invitation to speak at the Special Counsel’s office where can say yes, no or whatever line of lie she can conjure for the men and women at that office.

  2. Quovadiszero

    The Trump-ire will strike back.

  3. To quote the Liar-in-Chief, “There is No COLLUSION!”

  4. Bruce Nabozny

    The base will never change their minds. I talk to some regularly. They just say fake news and the molester in charge is always right. As a Russian operative said in an interview a few years ago “they won’t believe anything until they are kicked in the balls, then it is too late”. Sorry this seems to be they way we are going presently. Can be fixed but we seem to be on a razors edge. Way to many people believe all the lies coming from the fool in charge.

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