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Putin, Pirro And Pandemonium: Trump Clings To Power As Treason Talk Gets Louder

"It's the most insulting thing I've ever been asked."

"It's the most insulting thing I've ever been asked."
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18 comments on “Putin, Pirro And Pandemonium: Trump Clings To Power As Treason Talk Gets Louder

  1. For various reasons, I don’t foresee Trump saying anything remotely as dignified as this:

    “By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start of the process of healing which is so desperately needed in America.”

    I miss the visceral hate and group actions of the late 60’s / early 70’s. Ah, good times…..

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Trump has four great strengths. The first two, of course, are his mental stability and that he is, like, a really smart genius. Obviously. The lesser known other two are that he is a devout, monogamous family man who eschews divorce, and his uncanny ability to select ultra-competent, ethical lawyers.

    I just wish the Democrats would relent on the wall Trump does not want so he can open the government back up…

  3. If the stories regarding Rod Rosenstein’s intent to leave the DOJ in the next couple of months are true, we may be entering the endgame of the Mueller investigation. It’s possuble that this steady stream of stories is intended to give us the necessary background to understand the report, and to prepare us to accept the findings of the investigation. With any luck, we’re quickly approaching the final days of Trump.

    Here’s an NBC article about Rosenstein’s eminent departure, which is supposedly going to take place after Mueller has competed his investigation.


  4. KOYAANISQATSI, from the Hopi language.

    1- crazy life,
    2- life just turmoil,
    3- life out of balance,
    4- life disintegrating,
    5- a state of life that calls for another way of living.

  5. But why on earth would Trump commit treason and become an actual russian agent? In what way could this have benefited him? It seems more plausible to me that some members of the FBI motivated by hatred of Trump, which there is plenty of, thought: “hey, let’s look into this because even if it’s a bit far fetched it’s not going to help him any and half the population and the kitchen sink hate the buffoon.”

    I guess we will find out soon enough, but it seems dangerous to me to overstate charges insofar as it foments greater division, obscures any actual wrongdoing, and generally does not seem to serve any positive good.

    • He has one motivation in his entire life — MONEY.

    • “But why on earth would Trump commit treason and become an actual russian agent?”

      Ummmm.. because he owes them money, maybe? lol. i mean come on, man. you’re not that naive are you? surely you know the history here. there are myriad reasons to suspect he’s in their pocket. that’s the whole reason this is happening. have read any of the indictments and plea deals that have come down over the past year? clearly not. this is as obvious as the sky is blue.

  6. mark van deusen

    one of your best posts.humor helped.Did you send a copy to Nancy P. there will be a point where markets both stock and debt will be moved by all this and may come sooner than later. watch vix

  7. “I’m a very honest person” – almost spit out my coffee when I heard that…
    Right now i feel almost (only almost!) sorry for him. That “very large brain” of his is so warped, it keeps him from realizing that almost everyone only watches his rantings for the laughs.

    @bmisko42: After following this buffoonery for 2 years I have come to believe that he most probably did not purposefully “collude” with Russia to win the election. This by no means exonerates him – he’s simply too stupid to realize that his actions were criminal.
    To quote his remarks regarding the infamous Trump Tower meeting: “Anyone would have taken that meeting”. He is so clueless it hurts.
    2 years down the road it starts to dawn upon him, however by now he has alienated most of his former “friends” and sycophants (just imagine what it takes to push someone as spineless as Michael Cohen over the edge) and fucked up everything in the process.
    Now it’s too late.

    @ Murphy: spot on! Maybe there is a second one: “winning”… 🙂

  8. As entertaining as this is, there is a frightening take-away; ~40% of Americans identify with him. The world is scared of America now (well, except for the poor Central Americans that are, literally, running for their lives), look at the tourism numbers and the trouble high-tech companies are having getting the researchers they need.

  9. Trump treats Allies like enemies and America’s foes like friends. Putin won the U.S. Presidential election in more ways than one. Putin, the Kremlin bankers and Russian Oligarcs and their ‘agents’ likely suggested to Trump he take in Paul Manafort after Paul had done such a great job for Russuan puppets in the Ukraine.

    • Here’s an interesting link in the chain — trump was considering Chris Christie for VP at the time that Manafort came along and Manafort suggested Pence as VP.

      Another interesting link I have only seen a couple of times and only know what I have read: “One of Vice President Mike Pence’s older brothers, Ed Pence, is an executive at Cummins Inc., a company that manufactures engines for the Russian military and has also used lobbying firms connected with Paul Manafort” — from a Snopes article found at this link: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/mike-pences-brother-russian-military/

  10. To therealheisenberg,
    Please don’t misunderstand. In my post earlier my intention was only to caution against the proclivity of pushing the most condemning interpretation of facts possible without sufficient proof.

    Its not quite the same, but the FBI also investigated Hillary over uranium one. Were the immediate accusations of her being a traitor reasonable? Again, that’s not really the same, but my point is that in proportion to how politically charged these stories have become, it is increasingly difficult to discern the truth.

    It is not as obvious as the sky is blue that Trump knowingly and deliberately signed on to be a straight up russian agent and pawn of the Kremlin. Enough of Trumps actions do not support that narrative for me to be convinced. For instance russia vehemently opposed the joint air strike against Assad so much so that they threatened to shoot our misiles down, but Trump went ahead with it. He has also insisted on lower oil prices which is dileterious to the Russian economy. Im not saying trump is free from wrong doing, but i dont see what good it does to overstate the case. Something more like what jamaican articulated seems the more plausible argument.

    Or, if he is a Russian agent, he is a shit agent.

    • “For instance russia vehemently opposed the joint air strike against Assad so much so that they threatened to shoot our misiles down, but Trump went ahead with it. He has also insisted on lower oil prices which is dileterious to the Russian economy.”

      no, and no. again, you are being naive. that airstrike was telegraphed well in advance and seemed to be targeted so as to surprise exactly nobody. look what was hit and what wasn’t. if you don’t think russia and assad knew where those missiles were headed dear god, i can’t help you. the idea that the us (or france or the UK) would strike the Assad regime without coordinating it with Russia is laughable. had the US (or france or the UK) accidentally killed 25 Russian spec ops (or something) it would have been a disaster of epic proportions. russia knew where those air strikes were going to hit and they doubtlessly conveyed that to Assad and the IRGC.

      on the oil, $60 oil is fine for the Russian economy. you don’t seem to understand how that works. look up the difference between how Russia and Saudi Arabia think about crude. the fact that one currency is pegged and one isn’t makes a big difference. it’s not the same calculus. why do you think Russia took so long to get on board with the supply cuts last month? and why do you think al-falih on Sunday said “Russia isn’t moving as fast as we would like.” Obviously Russia doesn’t want oil prices to crash, but they don’t need them to soar either. Again, the calculus is different between Moscow and Riyadh with regard to oil.

      It doesn’t seem like you have a good grasp of all of this and that maybe you are just spouting the party line. after all, it was just Saturday when Trump made the exact same argument about oil that you just did on Twitter.

    • The difference is that in Tiny’s case, there is so much smoke the flames are obscured. In Hillary’s case, there never was any smoke, just the stink of Republican bullshit.

      Remember that when there is that much smoke and the door is opened, the rush of oxygen causes an explosion. Mueller is the door opening.

  11. Well thank you, heisenberg, for taking the time to respond to me. I appreciate that and really enjoy your market/political commentary. I didn’t actually know about that tweet you mentioned because I’ve never used Twitter as it seems to me to have a built in psychological reward mechanism that promotes aggressive speech and putting other people down since that kind of language is more likely to be retweeted.

    I’ll think more about what you have said, and wait for the results of the Mueller probe.

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