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‘Bending The Knee To Vigilante Markets’

"Once again"...

"Once again"...
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2 comments on “‘Bending The Knee To Vigilante Markets’

  1. Anonymous

    Any Fed chair had to because govt and corps have WAY TOO MUCH debt, an aging population, huge future liabs, still low rates. In other words if the system wobbles we are headed for issues. The ascent out of 08/09 will look smooth compared to the challenges we will face coming out of the next downturn.

    I am renting for now but have both eyes on the exit.

    • Chile and Ecuador are nice. Pleasant cultures, cheap food, housing, help and nice folks Easy to start a business, (Manana is variable, get used to it) Large ex-pat colonies with a preponderance of english speaking as 1st or 2nd language. My family is spread around the world, so we use skype and facetime a lot, plus cheapfareguru for visits.

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