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The Infamous ‘Retail Flush’: One Bank ‘Explains’ The December Selloff

Blame mom and pop - or something like that.

Blame mom and pop - or something like that.
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3 comments on “The Infamous ‘Retail Flush’: One Bank ‘Explains’ The December Selloff

  1. The retail pessimism seems to coincide with a more delusional or lying president. MBS says he is innocent, we want their money, he won in the elections, people close going to jail, Sessions, Kelly, White House chaos. The tide has gone out and they see he has no swim trunks on. They see he is a Trump U scammer, a lire, unethical. And people question if he is capable or if he will lead us off a cliff. I think we will see confirmation in his approval ratings soon.

  2. the mood has changed. from hopeful to resignation, pun intended. trump will follow nixon as the two equity markets are mirroring each other and an unpopular president doesnt survive during a bear market. clinton suvived b/c he was popular b/c the market was awesome.

    enough lacklusted econ data has accumulated along side political chaos and unravelling: n korea back in the nuke biz; russia daring us into the black sea; china not really giving in much; govt shut down.
    nice work DJT! youve given up about all the gains since election.

  3. It is not just the passive ETF’s selling indiscriminately. HF’s are also. The HF selling for the most part will cease the barrage on December 31st. SPY should be around 2100. IF we can’t get an historic rally in the 1st 2 weeks of 2019 than something truly terrible is going on beside dumb money selling.

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