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Jerome Powell Is The Wilt Chamberlain Of Fed Decision-Day S&P Losses

Making history, one meeting at a time.

Making history, one meeting at a time.
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12 comments on “Jerome Powell Is The Wilt Chamberlain Of Fed Decision-Day S&P Losses

  1. So what this tells us is that the market wants — NEEDS — a Fed chair who is adept at blowing smoke up its ass. In a Ponzi/Madoff//debt-fueled global economy, that shouldn’t fool anyone.

    • “surprise” anyone.

    • well, would you rather have stood in a soup line after 2008? because that’s where things were headed.

      • No, but nothing that has transpired since 2008 has reduced the odds of the soup-line scenario. I admire Powell for being a straight talker, if not maybe too much of a cock-eyed optimistic. But what are we going to do about all the zombies on CNBC, FOX,and in the White House who say it’s a GREAT economy (so long as we can all borrow at less than 2 percent). It’s going to end badly, and we all know it. I can hear the music speeding up — better grab a seat. FWIW, I hop hedgies and real estate developers get creamed in the wipeout.

      • There is a global threat of much worse unless a couple billion people, including ALL affluent people are going to do a ton of work for nothing.

  2. you know Powell is a PE guy, right?

    I did not. But he’s not acting like one. He’s kind of going about his business as I would — which is probably one of many reasons why I’m not Fed chair.

    I don’t need to tell you this. Go to NYC, or SF, or Austin, or Nashville, or Charleston. The bubble is big, and it need to be deflated before it become another 2008 clusterfuck.

  3. Everybody wants to shoot the messenger. I can’t imagine the Fed Chair every being an easy job, but you’ve got to admit that Powell inherited this position with a lot of “heavy lifting” in front of him. And let’s face it, the market always wants to get it’s own way, acts like a baby and wants to be spoon “fed”. What happened to all that chatter about “the market will tank if they don’t raise rates because the fed ‘knows something we don’t.'”

  4. monkfelonious

    As Volker is credited with killing inflation, I hope Powell is credited with killing another bubble. I’m with mfn here. My aged situation CANNOT weather another 2008. This whole thing should have been dampered several years ago. Who’s the next Dick Fuld in line? There is nothing in place to prevent another disaster.

  5. Stock Indexes are spoiled brats crying loudly for whatever it is they desire.. In this case free cheap money comes to mind.. We the condescending parents of this mess facilitated the status quo . So the cycle is broken at last and everyone blames the messenger , in this case Powell. The soup line is longer at the end of this scenario (unless Stopped) than it was at the end of the 2008 Banker (greed ) inflicted scenario that was further facilitated by injecting excess credit (20+ returns on credit card debt) in a return of > !% for savers and a return on IOER to the same culprits who perpetrated the 2008 disaster (banks). No moral judgements here just telling it the way it appears. Does not really effect me but that is reality , none the less.

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