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Let’s Revel In The Glorious Train Wreck That Was Trump’s ‘Smocking’-Hot Meeting With Pelosi, Schumer

"Smocking"-hot "covfefe."

"Smocking"-hot "covfefe."
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10 comments on “Let’s Revel In The Glorious Train Wreck That Was Trump’s ‘Smocking’-Hot Meeting With Pelosi, Schumer

  1. It’s hard to put into words how important it is to recognize that these antics display a rejection of a world order and globally-synchronized anything where the US is concerned. But I’m gonna try anyway.

    The pilot has left the cockpit!

    • I used to tell people that the 2016 election was a vote for one of two pilots to deal with a plane we were all on that was low on fuel. One vote for basically stable level flight and pretend everything is fine, the other to do loops and barrel rolls because we’re awesome and have more fuel than anyone can imagine and can totally land on the sun where god lives. We chose the latter… Neither was going to solve the problems, but one was a much worse idea.

      • yes, as I said on any number of occasions back then, anyone who described that choice as somehow a close call given their palpable disdain for Hillary didn’t fully appreciate what we were about to get ourselves into.

  2. Our master negotiator appears to have put him himself in a position in which he will either be forced to “proudly” shutdown the government, or will have to capitulate to Pelosi and Schumer and lose face with his hard right base. Either outcome is bad for him and there is basically no incentive for the democrats to compromise with him now.

    It’s horrifying to think that this is the same guy that is leading high-stake negotiations with China and it goes a long way towards explaining the apparent lack of a coherent strategy towards the current trade negotiations.

  3. monkfelonious

    Where did they get and why did they put that wooden dummy between Pelosi and Bubbles?

  4. Who wants to be Chief of Staff, now that the ‘stable genius’ is becoming markedly less stable?

    • Amazingly Santorum, The Mooch and Bossie seem to want to ruin their careers and be Chief of Staff. They should go to their nearest psychiatrist. No rational person would. Only opportunistic hacks.

  5. If I thought (which he once in a while may do though it wasn’t on display today) and spoke like him I would never have cameras to document my ummmmmm very stable genius. How can people see this and not think “something isn’t right here”. And Delusional Don thinks he did a great job, that this is a winning issue and he wants this. If your doctor, co-worker, children’s teachers, spouse, etc acted and spoke like this you would get away from them but in America he becomes president. There are so many disturbing moments in this meeting that it leaves me with a feeling of doom and despair.

    Either he is totally delusional thinking this is the way to act as the president or he is totally incompetent or both.

    It really is a bad day for America.

    • I am a psychologist. Trump has deep characterological problems and almost certainly incipient dementia. Yes, horrifying!!

  6. Sounds like we just need to have border security and everything can get back to normal…….and we can continue being great.

    Amazing performance….not sure who Trumps media people are…..sending shoutouts to them all.

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