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As Huawei’s Meng Freed On Bail, Trump Says He May Intervene To Save Trade Deal

"Whatever’s good for this country, I would do."

"Whatever’s good for this country, I would do."
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7 comments on “As Huawei’s Meng Freed On Bail, Trump Says He May Intervene To Save Trade Deal

  1. What an idiot. If she is guilty she should go to jail. Trump should not be the one to decide who doesn’t have to follow the law. As you can read below even the Chinese know that she encourage blatant cheating, she belongs in jail. This story is pretty damning if true

  2. The wealth effect works!

    • Yes, it’s quite funny how the Chinese government suddenly became concerned about the human rights of Chinese citizens. I think you could find millions who might differ.

  3. Amateur hour on display. Was it always a trade tool? Was it really separate and now he sees it as a tool to gain leverage? Is it a coincidence that China talks about auto tariffs and we get a bail deal and Pres T saying he could intervene? Is this the Saudi/MBS way that if you pay we’ll ease up on morals and/or illegalities?

    Serious, is this the way to run a country???

    Canuck, this is not just a Chinese citizen, they still dont care about all citizens.

    Green, she and another one involved may just be above the law……………

  4. Glued to the Dow…

  5. Interestingly, she would be the first public representative of a company to be criminally charged with breaking sanctions. At least a dozen US companies have been found guilty and only had to pay a fine, without any charges laid against their public officers.

  6. Lance Manly

    I guess he must of picked up the taking hostages idea from Kim Jong-un

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