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You, Dear Taxpayer, Are About To Pay $10 Million A Day To Fund Trump’s Border Troops

And just what, you might fairly ask, are those troops currently doing?

America is now numb to the insanity, but it bears repeating that Donald Trump has convinced the Pentagon to participate in a political stunt of epic proportions ahead of the midterms.

The U.S. military has been deployed to the southern border and as per the President’s own words, that deployment could total as many as 15,000 U.S. troops, more than the number of soldiers currently fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is necessary, the President insists, because the migrant caravan en route to the U.S. constitutes an “invasion”. That, despite the fact that the people in the caravan aren’t armed and despite the fact that they’re asylum seekers (i.e., the very opposite of an invading army).

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Trump Dedicates More U.S. Troops To Caravan ‘Invasion’ Than Afghanistan

On Thursday, the President went so far as to contend that anyone in the caravan who throws rocks at American soldiers could be shot. On Friday, he tried (unsuccessfully) to walk that back, claiming that he “never said shoot”. He’s right – what he said was, the U.S. military has been instructed to “consider rocks rifles“.

One question you’re hopefully asking yourself is how much this farce is likely to cost or, more to the point, how much of your taxpayer money is being spent to perpetuate the manifestly false narrative that the country is being invaded by Honduras. The answer, according to a new study by Bloomberg Government, is about $10 million per day.

“President Donald Trump’s plan to deploy about 7,000 active-duty troops to the border with Mexico could cost between $3 million to $5 million a day at a minimum, and that could double if the number reaches 15,000”, BGOV writes, in an article published Friday, adding that “while the Pentagon has yet to provide a tally, an examination of Congressional Budget Office data and Pentagon travel cost information suggests Trump’s plan to dispatch 15,000 troops could run to at least $6.1 million to $10.2 million a day in personnel costs.”

And just what, you might fairly ask, are those troops currently doing? Or, put differently, what are you, the taxpayer, spending millions of dollars on?

Well, here’s some actual footage which shows that at least part of that money is being spent on a barbed wire fence that’s barely knee-level:


In case it’s not clear enough, this is an absolute joke.

Just let this sink in: A reality TV show host has now convinced large swaths of the American public that George Soros is funding an invasion of the United States by destitute Central Americans whose rock-throwing skills are such that if we don’t send in 15,000 active-duty troops at a possible cost of $10 million per day, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are at risk of being overtaken and controlled by Hondurans.

That’s what’s happening, right now, in America, and some of you are actually buying the narrative.

Mr. President, take it away…



5 comments on “You, Dear Taxpayer, Are About To Pay $10 Million A Day To Fund Trump’s Border Troops

  1. It’ll be a battle, like the world has never seen!

  2. Not only will we be paying to fund these troops but we also have to figure out where to put them. Will they be billeted in citizen houses (see Constitution?)? Camped peoples’ backyards? What about our established rules of engagement? These refugees are not at war with us. Shooting them may well constitute murder. I’ve also been wondering why no one seems to care that every time Trump/Denison sets foot on Air Force 1 to go to one of his purely political rallies it costs way more than a million dollars of our money. Clearly that money that money is not being spend to the benefit of all of us, only for his benefit and that of the GOP. Never has a POTUS spent so much of our money to keep running for an office he already holds. He sure isn’t doing the peoples’ work while he’s out there in the hustings.

  3. The subservient deployment, ludicrous as it is, might keep the Secretary of Defense his job, post the mid-term election. Since he may be the only ‘adult in the room’ remaining, maybe it’s not a bad investment

  4. We are saving 100 million a day in aid by stopping these caravans.

    Donald W. Trump

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