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‘Consider It A Rifle’: Trump Says He Told Military To Shoot Rock-Throwing Migrants

"We're gonna fight back."

Is Donald Trump prepared to instruct the military to fire on unarmed Central American migrants if they reach the U.S. border?

The answer, unfortunately, is “yes.”

While speaking to reporters on Thursday afternoon at the White House, the President said that if men in the migrant caravan heading for the U.S. get to the border and proceed to throw rocks at any of the 15,000 troops Trump plans to deploy, those migrants might well be shot.

Specifically, Trump said he has already told the military to “consider [rocks] a rifle”. Here is the actual clip in case that sounds too crazy to be true:


Got that? The U.S. military will consider “vicious, violent” rock throwing to the “maximum that we can consider that”.

Of course “that” (i.e., what he said there) doesn’t make any sense because it barely qualifies as English, but as you can see, he went on to clarify that stammering nonsense as follows:

They want to throw rocks at our military, we’re gonna fight back – I told them consider it a rifle.

There are a number of problems with commanding the military to consider rocks rifles, not the least of which is that rocks aren’t rifles.

The main difference between the two being that you have to be pretty adept with a rock if you want to commit murder by throwing one, whereas with a “rifle”, you need only fire it the general direction of people to have a decent chance of killing somebody.

Back on October 20, we said it was extremely likely that if the caravan made it to the U.S. border and Trump sent in the military, migrants would end up getting shot. Now, Trump is effectively confirming that migrants will be shot, because you know someone will end up throwing a rock.

The other absurd thing about the above soundbite is that Trump seems to be tacitly asking the military to make an on-the-fly assessment as to what constitutes “vicious, violent” rock throwing versus other types of rock throwing, with the former being a death sentence.

As usual, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, and nobody is going to blame you if you laugh just a little bit because this entire thing could easily serve as the script for a comedy about what would happen if you made Donald Trump president.

You know what they say: “It’s all fun and games until someone throws a rock and gets shot.”

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2 comments on “‘Consider It A Rifle’: Trump Says He Told Military To Shoot Rock-Throwing Migrants

  1. When H suggested Trump might order the troops to shoot innocents, readers ‘poo, poo’d’ him. I guess H knew the lengths the ‘stable genius’ would go to in order to proclaim women and children asylum seekers as dangerous ‘invaders.’ It takes a lot of bluster to make a bona fide enemy out of a ‘paper tiger.’ Creating Fear is hard work for most, but routine for ‘the Donald.’

  2. I couldn’t believe what I heard when he said that. The good news is our military is made up of honorable patriots and know the proper response. I trust our military to do the right thing and I expect no response like the president mentioned. But to hear this from the president is repulsive and certainly not American!

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