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And Now, Everybody Will Buy Everything Related To Brazil …

Who's excited?!

Who's excited?!
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3 comments on “And Now, Everybody Will Buy Everything Related To Brazil …

  1. Anonymous

    Bolsanaro is another neo-populist and for whatever reason people are giddy over these charlatans. I’m wondering how long it takes before reality reasserts itself here, but this is easily the most damaging global political phenomena to metastasize since the end of WWII. The idea of running a country on the principles of profligate and irresponsible fiscal policy, coupled to extreme cultural and social regressive policy to maintain popular by whipping up nationalistic fervor is a dangerous, unsustainable combination and every time its been tried before its ended… tragically.

    • Be that as it may, the former communist guerilla fighter, Dilma Rouseff, ran the country into the ground in her tenure as President.

      • Anonymous

        Brazil and good governance aren’t really two subjects that are often talked about together, its true.

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