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Someone Called Julie Swetnick Says Brett Kavanaugh ‘Spiked The Punch’, Was Present For ‘Gang Rapes’

"I became a victim of one of these 'trains'".

"I became a victim of one of these 'trains'".
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4 comments on “Someone Called Julie Swetnick Says Brett Kavanaugh ‘Spiked The Punch’, Was Present For ‘Gang Rapes’

  1. Deserves are repost:

    Now that H posted the above I’ll add this to that, i.e., Swetnick is an eyewitness to Kavanaugh participating in what amounts to being an aider and abetter to Rape in the First Degree in Maryland. I have not been following the legal blogs so this may be old news, but there is no statute of limitations in Maryland for that crime.
    If you need a really good example to persuade your brain, try this one from attorney William R. Hall:

    This was posted December 2013 about a “A 64-year-old [MD] Essex man [who] was recently charged with raping an individual 30 years ago man charged with a rape.”

    Turns out Hall’s math was off a bit, as the rape was committed 34 years earlier in 1979, when the defendant was 30.

    The county where the alleged gang rapes occurred is Montgomery County where State Attorney, John McCarthy (Democrat) has reigned supreme for more than a decade.

    It’s now his duty to investigate credible sworn statements setting forth a prima facie case of rape.

    We’ll see.

  2. if he had simply claimed that roe v wade was settled law…..he would have sailed through. its the third rail for scotus.

    if djt cant get his guy in…..the momentum going into elections is not good for gop…..many many states do early voting and the contests will be decided more or less by oct 20.

  3. Does he understand that forced anal counts both as sexual assault and losing his virginity?

  4. Very interesting, Marty. Now I understand why Mark Judge did not want to testify, and went into hiding.

    The GOP could have done a complete investigation, dumped Kavanaugh and got out of this situation mostly unmarked. They could have found someone else with equivalent conservative credentials for SCOTUS. Alternatively, they could have proven a vast left-wing conspiracy and kept Kavanaugh. Now, neither is possible, imo, and they have a huge mess on their hands.

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