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Trump Says Google Is ‘Illegally Rigged’ After Googling Himself

"This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!"

"This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!"
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3 comments on “Trump Says Google Is ‘Illegally Rigged’ After Googling Himself

  1. Maybe he would like to leave the WH where he is hated and move over to host InfoWars and replace Jones. it would be a good fit for this reality tv wizard since that is really what his cold dead heart longs for — stardom.

    I think the love for him would be about the same percentage as he has now in his role as president. And our benefit would be that it is so much easier to get rid of him from that job than it appears to be while he is this pathetic excuse as a president. Win – Win.

    p.s. how did he wait this long before Googling himself? can you picture seeing him read all that stuff? I bet he could not find the website because he spells is Goggling.

  2. Hopefully voter ignorance will abate this November, and the process of removing this scourge will begin. Besides, I don’t know what Trump’s complaining about wrt Google searches- at least his last name isn’t Santorum ;^)

  3. Jones’ rep is amazing, just not in the way Trump means. Why would someone who lies routinely, like Trump, know what real news, or even truth is? That Jones apparently doesn’t believe his own venom, and does this for money lowers him into an evil liar. He forgot that in a deal with the Devil, the devil always wins and you lose your soul, or maybe he sold it a long time ago.

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