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There’s Only One Kind Of Umbrella For This Perfect Storm

It's raining, it's pouring...

It's raining, it's pouring...
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2 comments on “There’s Only One Kind Of Umbrella For This Perfect Storm

  1. Four years ago it was thought the problem was there simply wasn’t enough oil to support the global growth narrative. So we produced more oil than ever before only to watch oil prices plunge, because the underlying problem was that there still simply wasn’t enough trusted capital available to exchange for it despite the QE rounds, UST issuances, and tax cuts. Too much too soon for the EMs, perhaps? China seems to think so.

    Nothing’s really changed, yet. This is still a drought, not a storm. But sure, it’s easy to hallucinate when you’re dehydrated…

    • Anonymous

      You can E all the Q you want but if it just goes into the stock market nobody can use it to buy anything. Wage growth is just beginning and the cycle is late in its days. Helicopter money sounds crazy but at this point I’m not sure how else you rebalance things. I suppose there is always waiting for inflation to go nuts but if there is anything apparent so far is it that companies are highly reluctant to raise wages for any reason no matter how good they are doing.

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