‘We Always Get F*@%ed By Them’: Trump Set To Pull U.S. Out Of WTO Because He’s ‘That Nuts’

Kellyanne Conway's ghastly visage apparently materialized on Fox Business this morning and she was predictably parroting Trump's hardline stance on trade. "America first doesn’t mean America alone, but also means that we stop paying the bill for a lot of other people and participating in things that may not be in our best interests," she mused, before suggesting that the WTO is on Trump's shit list (as if we didn't already know that). “I think the World Trade Organization is another group

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2 thoughts on “‘We Always Get F*@%ed By Them’: Trump Set To Pull U.S. Out Of WTO Because He’s ‘That Nuts’

  1. Right. China’s overcapacity to produce finished goods is in part about influencing foreign policy to its advantage.

    Of course the US is doing the same thing in lending dollars to nations…but just as with any body that lends, it’s ultimately about advantage and control as always.

    We’ve already seen what North Korea is capable of and that its leadership remains heavily indebted to China. We’ve also seen the consequences of international trade via 9/11, where USD was used for funding. The 21st century has not been a kind one to the US and it has wounded the free-trade+democratic-prosperity narrative perhaps mortally.

    The stakes are higher than ever and the Keynsian dream for the US as leader and steward for world peace, while at the time may have been logical, never was and will never be uncontested.

  2. It seems to me that President Dennison hasn’t watched the Godfather recently. Everyone knows the wisdom of the Don, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Every time we break a treaty or leave a relationship we lose touch and influence with the other parties. Soon it is the US that will become irrelevant. The rest of the world will just go on without us. Trump is so bent on proving he is the world’s greatest “winner” that he forgets that if winning is taking the ball and going home, the rest will just get another ball an play without you. Any good negotiator knows you have to make tradeoffs. We are scary inside the game, the losers every time we leave.

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