A Rabid Badger And How To ‘Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory’

Another day, another disturbing story about the Trump administration's internal deliberations on trade. Markets have shrugged off reports that Donald Trump continues to express consternation about the WTO, but it's difficult to disentangle quarter-end price action and the risk-on sentiment engendered by the EU migration agreement from the WTO "rumors." To be clear, the Axios story that brought the WTO debate back to the forefront of investors' collective imagination doesn't contain anything th

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One thought on “A Rabid Badger And How To ‘Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory’

  1. “Businesses will tighten their control of other costs, the most prominent being employee compensation.”

    Ha, ha, ha. The most important thing in my mind is the hope that an unravel will proceed post haste. Something that hits his base in the nuts soon has to happen. I fear that time is running out on that score, November is not that far away. Otherwise it’s hard to grip what will continue. A sockdolager (first meaning).

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