Well, He Did It: Trump Directs The Pentagon To Establish ‘Space Force’ ‘Immediately’


After this morning’s wild (even by his standards) tweet storm, you probably didn’t need any further evidence to support the contention that this immigration debate is starting to erode whatever’s left of Donald Trump’s sanity, but just in case, he has officially directed the Pentagon to establish Space Force.

I assume most people are familiar with this now months-old story, but just in case, let’s recap.

Back on March 13, Trump floated the idea of an intergalactic army of space marines while speaking to a group of soldiers after touring the 8 wall prototypes that are currently gathering dust in the San Diego desert. Here, for those who need a refresher, was the first mention of “Space Force”:


At the time, more than a few commentators were inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to assuming that he was joking or if he wasn’t, that he would at least not mention that again in public.

Well, you know what happens when you give him the benefit of the doubt, right? Fast forward to May 1 and, while speaking at a White House event for the Army Black Knights college football team, Trump delivered the following update:


Again, some folks were inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and again, that would prove to be a mistake.

Because on Monday, someone thought it would be a good idea to let Trump speak at a space council event, despite knowing that the relentless stream of bad press tied to the increasingly contentious border debate has his nerves frayed.

Sure enough, it went off the rails and by that I mean Trump announced that he’s directed the DoD to create Space Force, and it will indeed be the 6th branch of the U.S. military. Here’s the clip:


You might also notice that he seems to be having trouble with his dentures again in that clip reminiscent of the “God blesh theze shates” debacle.

In any event, to all of those Americans currently living in space, just know that we’re now officially on the way to “dominance” out there.

As for the rest of us who, very much unlike Trump’s brain, still reside on Earth, I guess you can maybe start pondering a career as a literal space marine.


5 comments on “Well, He Did It: Trump Directs The Pentagon To Establish ‘Space Force’ ‘Immediately’

  1. …and equally dumbass pence standing behind him nodding like a bobblehead on your dashboard.

    I wonder if either of them have considered other planet’s immigration policies?

  2. Good one Murph! Can’t stand either man and Pence is a dangerous dominionist to boot. My one and only visit to Facebook was to thank an Indiana mom that started the “Periods for Pence” movement, a group of IN ladies that would call the dear governor and give him updates on their menstrual cycles, and to urge her to take the protest national. In any event I immediately quit the cesspool called Facebook and continue to wish for the complete ruination of Zuckerberg.

    • Hey Dan! couldn’t agree more and I have never been a member of facebook nor a Zuck fan!

      Lots of chatter out there about pence being as bad as trump — but as wimpy as he is, no way! I think you could stomp your foot and run him off! Something really strange about that guy!


    We WILL have a space force, and WHO’S gonna pay for it?
    WHO’S gonna pay for it?
    WHO’S gonna pay for it?

  4. He is a fucking pycho. I want to live long enough to see him convicted of treason and for his fat ugly ass to spend the rest of his life in a cage.

    Extra punishment would be no hamburgers, no KFC, no burnt steak and ketchup, and no ice cream. 🙂

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