Fed Minutes: FOMC Says Inflation Overshoot ‘Could Be Helpful’

Fed Minutes: FOMC Says Inflation Overshoot ‘Could Be Helpful’

Ok, show of hands: who's excited about the May Fed minutes? Crowd full of full pockets, we suppose (that's a Brick reference). Be that as it may (get it? "may"), it's possible that they'll be something worth extracting here. Specifically, traders will parse these for clues as to whether the FOMC is truly prepared to tolerate a meaningful inflation overshoot in light of the “symmetric” language from the May statement. This comes a week after 10Y yields hit their highest levels since 201
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One thought on “Fed Minutes: FOMC Says Inflation Overshoot ‘Could Be Helpful’

  1. Just as the Fed previously repeatedly moved the goalpost on employment for years, now they’re similarly moving the goalpost higher on inflation – which in actual fact is already running closer to 8% according to the utmost-credible ShadowStats by expert inflation statistician John Williams. No wonder there’a massive economic distress across middle-class America, which has now shrunk in size to a new post-WW2 low. Where are Paul Volcker or William McChesney Martin when you need them?

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