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‘He Said That To Me’: Poor Larry Kudlow Actually Thinks Trump Is Telling Him The Truth On Trade

Don't worry everyone! Larry Kudlow will save us!

Don’t worry everyone! Larry Kudlow will save us!

How many times have we jokingly said that since the 80s relic was rescued from CNBC purgatory and installed in Gary Cohn’s position last month?

A lot. We’ve said it a lot.


And we were always being facetious. Larry can’t save anyone from anything, precisely because it’s been years (and possibly decades) since anyone has given a good goddamn what Larry Kudlow thinks. And even if he were still relevant it wouldn’t matter because Donald Trump isn’t going to listen to anyone on anything ever unless whoever it is that’s talking is saying things that sound like they might line up with something the President shrieked on the campaign trail.

Sorry, Larry, but Trump didn’t get elected by proselytizing about the relative merits of free trade and globalization.

In fact, he got elected on the exact opposite of that message, so hopefully Larry (and CNBC) will forgive us for suggesting that maybe – just maybe – Trump stuck Kudlow in the NEC position as a placeholder, never intending to listen to him on anything.

Well anyway, on the off chance you still think Larry Kudlow is going to be able to stop the Peter Navarro juggernaut despite all evidence to the contrary (this is Kudlow’s first week on the job and you see how it’s gone so far for Mr. “tariffs aren’t the answer”), CNBC’s Kayla Tausche will be happy to indulge your fantasy (I mean, your fantasy about Larry Kudlow saving the world, not any other Kayla-related fantasy you might have had you damn perverts).

Quoth Kudlow, quoth Tausche:

[Kudlow: President is a free trader at heart from CNBC]

Got that?

This is all just “part of the process.” And while you should “take the president seriously on this tariff issue,” Larry wants you to know that Trump “is ultimately a free trader.”

Larry knows that because “[Trump] said that to me.”

Poor Larry. He’s actually taking Trump at his word, a decidedly ill-advised thing to do and he’s also assuming that Trump even remembers talking to him, a debatable proposition.

We’ll leave you with a picture that might has well have the caption: “what it looks like when someone is semi-relevant again”:


And then this….




2 comments on “‘He Said That To Me’: Poor Larry Kudlow Actually Thinks Trump Is Telling Him The Truth On Trade

  1. I know who he will listen to; the guy that saved him from personal bankruptcy.

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