Trump: I’m Creating ‘Powerful Nuclear Force’ And ‘Praise Be To God’ I Don’t Have To Use It

Trump: I’m Creating ‘Powerful Nuclear Force’ And ‘Praise Be To God’ I Don’t Have To Use It

Jesus Christ on a bike. Donald Trump, in a press conference ostensibly convened so he could explain himself after he jumped on Twitter this morning and threatened to veto a $1.3 trillion spending bill that Congress has spent this week trying desperately to pass in order to avoid (another) government shutdown, went line by line and delivered his rambling take on America's planes, tanks, choppers, submarines, and nuclear weapons. Clearly, the President is thrilled about the additional milita
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8 thoughts on “Trump: I’m Creating ‘Powerful Nuclear Force’ And ‘Praise Be To God’ I Don’t Have To Use It

  1. One must wonder whether those of the base who wear their membership pin so proudly just don’t care about the risks of nuclear and conventional war that Trump and his mentally impaired posse are speedily driving us to. Do they not care about their own inevitable destruction? if not their own, do they not care about the destruction of their families or that of other Americans? Is it possible that the great majority of them are nihilists?

    For the Iraq war, this is the same crowd that cost our country and it’s families the lives of approximately 4000 young men and women and to sustain approximately 40,000 war injuries with varying degrees of disabilities. Often I heard their answer to that to be that the dead wounded volunteered and signed up for it! These courageous basers many of whom never saw a war they didn’t like and would never leave their keyboards during the last decade will send everyone else without a blink!

    Recall, the long term effects of the Iraq war will be pervasive for medical care treatment of injured veterans and loss of their earnings at market value. Of the $14+ trillion national debt of the United States, nearly one trillion dollars or 7.5%% was the direct and explicit cost of the Iraq war. And Trump treats the veterans like he treats his women! Need I say more?

      1. Your point of massive iraqi civilian and miltary deaths and injuries is well known and well taken, yet I omitted those facts from my post as I took as a given that the base membership wouldn’t give consideration to such losses since, “hey, they are all radical muslims!”

  2. Of course President Orange Idjit doesn’t use the word “the” – the Ruskies don’t have it in their vocabulary. Next thing President nit-twit will stop using the word “a”, as in “I’m a big F-up.”

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