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Jeff Sessions Back In The Hot Seat As Reuters Says ‘Mr. Magoo’ Lied To Congress About Papadopoulos

So Sessions lied about lying.

So Sessions lied about lying.
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10 comments on “Jeff Sessions Back In The Hot Seat As Reuters Says ‘Mr. Magoo’ Lied To Congress About Papadopoulos

  1. Accepting every criticism, no matter how absurd, of AG Sessions as true, correct and complete he still would rank far above his immediate predecessor of Fast and Furious shame, etc.

  2. There may be ‘some’ doubt that Mueller is in a posiiton to indict Sessions for various crimes relating to false testimony. It’s clear Sessions lied, it’s not so clear that his lies were prejurious.

    But assume he committed perjury, the question is, what does Mueller do with those crimes. Does he simply see what information he can extract from Sessions on the Obstruction/Comey case or any other related crime? Or, does Mueller advantage himself by using Sessions’ position as AG (via Rosenstein* as the intermediary) with his attendant AG’s powers to help provide Mueller with cover and support in ways that Trump would never come to know about.


    If you think that Mueller is not that tough, cut-throat or Machiavellian, then I recommend you read this Vanity Fair** story on what he did to take down the boss of the powerful Gambino crime family in New York City, John “Teflon Don” Gotti.


  3. I forgot about the 83rd AG Loretta E. Lynch, who also was an embarrassment not just to the legal profession but also to humanity.

    • what do you find so offensive about Lynch? Am I missing something here?? So, you think that the facts about Sessions are absurd? Did I read that first sentence right? Please, tell us more.

  4. Geez are you just mean, uninformed or just an assh*le. Your opinion is just like mine, an opinion but facts are real things provable in many ways, you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. Open your eyes my friend there is a big beautiful fact filled world out there.

  5. Think about M. Mc’s point. He certianly has a point of vew. That is, M. Mc is comparing his “opinion” of Republican appointed AGs to those AGs appointed by democrats.

    Shall we begin with the one that immeditely comes to mind as the most famous in the present context? Of course, Republican John Mitchell, who on February 21, 1975, was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison for his role in the Watergate break-in and cover-up, which he dubbed the “White House horrors.” As a result of the conviction, Mitchell was disbarred from the practice of law in New York.

    Republican, Richard Kleindienst, who in 1974, pleaded guilty to failing to testify fully to the Senate in a pre-Watergate investigation, involving alleged favoritism shown to International Telephone & Telegraph Corp, during his testimony in his Senate confirmation hearings.

    Republican, Robert Bork, who became Acting Attorney General after his superiors in the Justice Department resigned rather than fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, who was investigating the Watergate scandal. Bork fired Cox and served as Acting Attorney General under Richard Nixon until January 1974.

    Republican, Edwin Meese, the subject of two special prosecutor’s investigations relating Bechtel scandal and the Wedtech scandal, wherein the former he was found to have engaged in ethical lapses – especially regarding bribes to Israel not to attack an Iraqi oil pipeline that benefited associates of the Attorney General. and the later of which was an investigation into actions Meese took that benefited him and his longtime friend and former lawyer, E. Robert Wallach. The special prosecutor looked into Meese’s involvement in negotiations involving the company Wedtech. McKay never prosecuted or sought indictment of Meese, but in his official report, which is still confidential, he was highly critical of Meese’s ethics and urged further investigation of Meese’s role in that scandal and others such as Meese’s efforts to help Bechtel Corporation. Meese described it as a “full vindication.” While Meese was never convicted of any wrongdoing, he resigned in 1988 when the independent counsel delivered the report on Wedtech. Prior to his departure, several top Justice Department officials resigned in protest of what they and others viewed as improper acts by the Attorney General.

    Republican, Alberto Gonzales. Need I write another word? For those with no memory or with a desire not to remember this Republican specialty item, go here:

    With the categories listed herein, I looked for AGs appointed by democrats that came anywhere close to the categories listed and compared them to this the above list of Republican stars and I must confess that the “facts” don’t support anything comparable. Once again, in the field of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury, corruption, criminal wrongdoing, self-interest, unethical conduct, self-dealing, false testimony, cover-ups, bribery and the like, I found it impossible to find a group more proficient at these and related categories of behavior. They are the winners!

    And now comes the Republican King of the executive branch: Mr. Destructo, teaching them all by way of example just how to surpass their wildest dreams of what they might get away with if they just act like criminals in front of the entire world.

    • …hey Vito, that Donnie Dennison is sure a piece, ainโ€™t he?

    • Marty, I especially liked the part of your link to Gonzales when Jeff Sessions was annoyed when Gonzales “could not recall” — maybe that is where he learned that phrase!

      Impressive (not in a good way) list of questionable to criminal acts by a big list of Repubs. So M.Mc will believe anything any Repub says — too much FOX maybe? Blind to Crime? Stupid? I hope he gets to visit assface in prison one day.

      Good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Harvey Cotton

    Heisenberg does indeed speak with expertise on this matter:

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