Fed Statement: Highlights, Red Line

Fed Statement: Highlights, Red Line

Ok, here comes the Fed. And you should enjoy this FOMC statement because it represents the outcome of the last meeting Janet Yellen will chair. So you know, maybe print it out and frame it for posterity in case the equity bubble she's spent years presiding over crashes an burns under a relatively hawkish Powell. The consensus is that this should be some semblance of upbeat as a way of both conveying confidence in the outlook (perhaps on the back of the growth prospects tied to the tax plan) a
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5 thoughts on “Fed Statement: Highlights, Red Line

  1. 13 minutes to close–well that’s if you don’t count the big boys and dark pools.
    if it was a couple of hours earlier i would say there is a short squeeze going on. Hmmmm
    we will see in the morning–hold on tight–hahaha.
    good luck all.

  2. 2.75% seems to be the line in the sand…………well………..2.76…………..or 2.77 ………..er 2.78 ………ah 2.79 no more than 2.80% that is it. Flattening coming but this time it will be different, you bet. 3.0% will end this nonsense.

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