WTF Klaas? Amid Scramble To Contain Euro Strength, ECB’s Knot Says QE ‘Must End ASAP’

I'm not sure what exactly Klaas Knot (he's president of the Dutch Central Bank) was trying to accomplish on Sunday by reiterating an aggressively hawkish message, but it seems to me that in light of recent events, this is not the time to be making bold pronouncements about how QE needs to be wound down immediately. I mean Knot is a hawk, but after last week, you'd think that everyone at the ECB would be on the same page in terms of being careful not to do or say anything that might exacerbat

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2 thoughts on “WTF Klaas? Amid Scramble To Contain Euro Strength, ECB’s Knot Says QE ‘Must End ASAP’

  1. While the COT is record long, the Daily Sentiment Index shows just 90% long Euros which is well beneath a record, leaving room to run for awhile longer and higher.

    The BIS reported that European sovereigns & non-financials borrowed $9-trillion in USD and just 2.9-trillion euros. So far, great for them, given the collapsing dollar (against everything), but how the hell does Europe expect to repay $9-trillion over the next few years? They cannot print dollars. They’re in essence massively short dollars and in big trouble if/when the worm turns and the Euro falls (which it will again in time). Remember when Europeans took out CHF mortgages because CHF had zero interest and was pegged to Euro… how’d that work out? (when the peg broke)…. lol

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