Jobs Report Misses Badly, Earnings In Line, Dollar’s Woes Continue

Ok, here comes payrolls. As usual, the focus will be on average hourly earnings, which have (generally speaking) dictated trading after the last six employment reports. The story is the same as it ever was against a backdrop of (basically) full employment but still subdued inflation: the market is looking for signs that wage growth is picking up while the actual headline payrolls print has been relegated to also-ran status. Here's what everyone was expecting: Change in Nonfarm Payrolls est.

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One thought on “Jobs Report Misses Badly, Earnings In Line, Dollar’s Woes Continue

  1. Heis,
    I think Trump is wrong (that hurts). Claiming responsibility for the markets rise is dumb on his part although he has a smidgeon of responsibility. When the inevitable crash/correction comes he won’t be there claiming responsibility is my guess. Still a supporter at this point. Looks like the worm is turning as to investigations into criminal cabal of Clintons / ex-leadership of Atty. General Office (Lynch)and maybe FBI (Comey, etc.) ~~~ = worm turning!

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