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Is This The Ultimate Market Irony Of 2017?

"America first?"

"America first?"
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3 comments on “Is This The Ultimate Market Irony Of 2017?

  1. So, using this moron’s theory that he thinks “our dollar is getting too strong, and partially that’s my fault because people have confidence in me” — and the opposite is actually true, “the fact that the dollar had its worst year since 2003” would clearly indicate that it is still his fault, assuming confidence rating and approval rating are parallel to one another.

    His approval rating stands at 38% at this time, a continuous decline since he took his oath — it possibly could deflate his ego to find out The Market improved as he declined.

    hmmmm …

  2. Jamal James

    Xi bump. Abe bump. Merkel bump. None of them roll off the tongue like Trump bump

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