Lies, Damn Lies, And Sarah Sanders Talking About Stocks

Lies, Damn Lies, And Sarah Sanders Talking About Stocks

As global stocks continue to rally into year end and as Wall Street continues to hit new records with each step the GOP tax bill takes towards the finish line, it's worth consulting with noted economists and world-renowned equity strategists to get their take on what's going on. That's why everyone wants to get Sarah Huckabee Sanders' take on the situation. Fortunately, she's more than willing to regale America with her expert opinion. Here it is: Yes, "it is amazing." It's "amazing" that
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One thought on “Lies, Damn Lies, And Sarah Sanders Talking About Stocks

  1. I am puzzled by the Tax Bill hype. I thought even Trump would have noticed that because he and his ilk are reluctant to pay taxes, the shortfall for essential services can only be met by borrowing. We know that last time US rich folk were given a tax break on the grounds this would stimulate the economy, instead of using the cash for stimulating business, they used it to pay the already rich and stock holders to make them wealthier. The borrowing for the consequent deficit meant the China was able to purchase the debt. China then grew much faster than the US. The US rich folk bubble contributed to the subsequent crash. What has changed? Is it really all intended to make China great?
    I would also have thought that after about a year in charge his “instant” economic cure for the Rust states has had a chance to start showing a return. The latest unemployment figures show that Rust states have actually increased their unemployment.

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