Trump Tries To Wish Lee Greenwood Happy B-Day, Ends Up Tweeting Some Random Redskins Fan

Donald Trump was up early on Friday and apparently fellow billionaire Tom Steyer is haunting the President in his sleep, interrupting the usual sequence of dreams about big buildings and voluptuous breasts.

Tom is on a veritable quest to get Trump impeached. You can read all about that here, but suffice to say the President is not amused. Specifically, he’s applying a label formerly reserved for African American lawmakers that accuse him of screwing up calls to dead soldiers’ widows along with another adjective that’s most often used to describe the President himself:


Obviously that’s absurd for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is that no one is “fighting” the idea that we should work towards making America “great again.” Rather, everyone is fighting to preserve the “greatness” that already exists and that Trump is working every single day to undermine.


But that wasn’t the punchline from this morning’s presidential Twitter rant.

The punchline came when he tried to wish Lee Greenwood (of “God Bless the USA” fame) a happy birthday:


Now you would think, given all the time Trump spends on Twitter, he would surmise that the real Lee Greenwood’s handle is probably not @leegreenwood83, but in a rush to get these tweets in before John Kelly takes away his phone, he accidentally said all of the above to this guy:


That’s @leegreenwood83:


Needless to say, that “Lee” will probably be surprised when he wakes up and finds out that i) it’s his birthday, and ii) he wrote a “beautiful song [that’s] made such a difference.”

Meanwhile, the real Lee Greenwood – who goes by @TheLeeGreenwood, a verified account – still hasn’t gotten the presidential birthday wishes as of this writing.

Nothing further.

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