Trump Asks If He Can Shut Down The Media, Says Press Is ‘Bad For Country!’

As you might imagine, Donald Trump is furious that NBC told the whole world about his “bright” idea to increase America’s nuclear arsenal “tenfold.”

You’ll recall that this morning, NBC brought us the latest installment in the ongoing “moron” saga (and this is a “moron” saga within the larger “moron saga” that is the Trump presidency), which detailed exactly what led Rex Tillerson to suggest that the President might be an imbecile.

As it turns out, Trump looked at a slide which showed “a downward-sloping curve” and didn’t want his name “at the bottom of it.” His proposed solution: what amounts to a tenfold increase in nukes. Again: a moron.

Clearly, that underscores Bob Corker’s point about how Trump probably doesn’t understand everything he needs to understand when it comes to foreign policy or, on a less charitable interpretation akin to Tillerson’s take, it suggests Donald Trump is extremely dangerous.

Cue Trump:


And don’t worry America, just like Trump has a dangerous solution to the “problem” of not having enough nukes, he’s got a dangerous solution to the free press too: shut it down. Look:


Any questions America?

If so, refer them to this man:


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11 thoughts on “Trump Asks If He Can Shut Down The Media, Says Press Is ‘Bad For Country!’

  1. Well these tweets shown here are sure as hell not FAKE. What does the GOP need to begin the process to stop all this?

    Keeping his secrets is the only thing that gives him Power. Rex Tillerson was not alone with him in that room so if he will not step up then someone else must. It is time to end this charade. Either he does not remember the discussion or he is lying to cover up. Neither excuse is acceptable.

    Expose him and take the steps to impeach him – there is plenty of evidence to evoke the 25th amendment.

  2. When all is said and done, a relevant test for
    Trump is to ask this question:
    is he smarter than a 5th grader?

    So these are relevant questions on the subject;
    do you think Trump could answer all correctly?

    What planet is closest to the sun?

    How many of Snow White’s seven dwarfs have names beginning with S?

    Which of the following countries is not in Europe: Spain, Greece, Egypt or Belgium?

    When added together, how many days are there in the months of October, November, December?

    True or false: the biggest bone in the human body is located in your leg?

    What is the largest continent in the world?

    Can you unscramble the following word to reveal a type of animal: TANHEELP?

    How many of the eight planets in our solar system can you name?

    What type of animals only eat plants?

    What is the fastest bird on foot?

    A heptagon is a shape with how many sides?

    Which of the following states is NOT on the Gulf of Mexico?

    ‘Carefully’ is an example of what type of word?

    Which one of the following states is NOT part of the Four Corners?

    New Mexico

    1. how many of those do I have to know to pass? I’m not sure about the fastest bird…it’s either a roadrunner or an ostrich…ok, well, there was one named Sleepy and … I’m sure about Nevada and Georgia! One of those dwarfs is in the WhiteHouse – can you name it?

      1. Lolol, Dopey, but don’t you know it’s politically incorrect to call someone or anyone a dwarf? The PI police will get you! And since you are not the Prez, especially one who does not claim to have a higher IQ than Rex or who knows the ‘best words’ you do not have to know any to pass. In my book you’ve already passed. I’m of the mind that Trump could not correctly respond to at least five of these.

        1. LOL! You’re giving him too much credit! I see only one he may be able to figure out – if you give him a pencil and paper and no time limit. Eventually he will come up with ELEPHANT.

          And I also admonish you for your PI slip – you used the term dwarf and I was only responding to your question. Could argue that point however, I believe that dwarf is common term in the medical field while the word midget is the worst!

          1. Au contraire, Mr. Murphy, I used the word “dwarf,” in a question as part of identifying well known fictional characters, as opposed to you, who may have implicitly referred to the size of the president’s brain as well as having used to it t describes his IQ score! Congratulations, you are wordsmith!

  3. Speaking of “revoking licenses” and “bad for country” – these terms are both great examples of Trump projecting. His “license” as a democratically elected President should have been revoked as soon as it became clear that there was a significant known amount of foreign influence in his election. It is increasing clear that the 2016 was a corrupted election and one that former US leaders would have protested if it had happened in our allied democracies.

    Clearly Trump is “bad” for the country. However, the only good news about Trump – is that he is so “bad” and so transparently incompetent as President that both his opponents and his supporters have come to ignore him – like they would any other irrelevant mental incompetent. The Republicans are also failing their Constitutional “license” by refusing to remove a mentally ill President from office. A mental illness that he has repeatedly if not daily demonstrated publicly. His public persona is not only unprofessional and un-Presidential, it makes it undeniable that Trump is too incompetent to carry out the responsibilities of the Office of President. By leaving Trump in office, Congress – the Republican leadership is committing crimes against the nation and broadly endangering its welfare – not to mention making the US and international laughing stock.

    In countries with functional and non-politicized legal systems, both the incompetent President, and his self-interest focused Republican leadership that continue to enable him – would have already have been removed from office. Forcibly and Constitutionally by the military if necessary. Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (and perhaps for treason) and for a good example to the future of the countries out of control and irresponsible politics – executed. Only a nation of dim witted sheep would tolerate the incompetence of this Congress and the President that this Congress continues to allow to endanger and embarrass the entire nation.

    The fact that Trump is still sitting in the Oval Office of the White House, begs the credibility of not just this “moron” President, but more seriously and dangerously to our nation – begs the credibility, competence, integrity and future of the current US sham democracy – which has become apparent as nothing more than a multi-billion dollar for-profit US election/political industry that produced the likes of Trump. Most egregious – produced him in spite of his known and obvious mental and professional deficits as a capable leader worthy of the Office of President of the US – much less him being an exemplary human being.

    1. Duggar, I am writing all that on a sign and will walk a protest line in front of the WH when the ink has dried. Could be a big sign however and may need help with it!

      The part that really targets one of my peeves is this: “current US sham democracy — which has become apparent as nothing more than a multi-billion dollar for-profit US election/political industry that produced the likes of Trump”.

      Just the cost to run for office keeps highly qualified people from entering a race. The campaign competition these days is millions, if not billions, of dollars and that is how the corporations and/or industries buy a candidate’s special favors which do not always compliment the needs of the people of our Nation.

      How something as important as electing the President of the United States is now as scummy as no holds barred, all’s fair, lie cheat steal, win at all costs…and when the scummiest one of all wins, we wonder how in the hell did that happen?! While another group claims the only candidates were horrible despicable people, the choice was impossible.

      Yes I know, the good ones did not have the money to compete.

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