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Geopolitical Rubber (Bullet) Hits The Road: Catalonia Shocks Market

Or is this just another bump in that familiar road to new highs for global equities? 

Or is this just another bump in that familiar road to new highs for global equities? 
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3 comments on “Geopolitical Rubber (Bullet) Hits The Road: Catalonia Shocks Market

  1. Absolutely in ZERO..will come from Catalonia (except in the longer term…10-15 years)…Catalonia has no EU nation support and does not have a populace that will fight a guerrilla insurgency to pressure Spain. Spain has approx 150,000 police+army it can use against a regional Catalonian police force of approx 17,000.

    If the Catalonians are serious about kicking ass and obtaining a separate state they should adopt 20 or 30 thousand Kurds..Kurds can fight and are not fazed by battle or dying for what they believe in…I doubt they are in the habit taking many midday siestas. Every Kurd soldier is worth least 10 Spaniards.

  2. friedrich peter peeters

    The government in Madrid as even the Spanish King are not willing to talk with the Catalonian leaders. In fact they do not look for a solution but want to push the Catalonians to obey the laws made by the Spanish majority short after Franco wasn’t anymore the dictator of Spain. These laws have to be revised, but the Spanish never did want serious talks with the Catalonians. That is in fact the reason the Catalonians want independence. They feel as second class citizens. And they are. Even when they work harder and better than the Spanish, that can be proven by facts. So the Spanish HIDE themselves behind the law, but they mean power and that is Police, Army, Justice. If there will not be an intervention by the EU the chance is very big it will become real bloody. So this is Europe 2017, and nobody is doing anything.
    I tell you something interesting, History is repeating, in 1568 the catholic Spanish tried to do the same with the protestant Netherlands, hiding themselves behind laws they made and than using terrible force until 1648. Finally the Spanish had to give up.

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