Trump Opens Twitter App, Tweets Something Stupid About GDP (Again)

Donald Trump was back on Twitter Thursday evening proving “surely and definitely” that he still does not understand how GDP is reported.

This is a long-running and very possibly a deliberate misunderstanding on his part. It seems likely that someone has tried to explain it to him but it seems equally likely that he doesn’t want to understand this because that would mean he can no longer plead insanity when indicted in the court of public opinion for tweets like this one:


Yes, “many people thought it would be years before that happened” – if that’s true, then it’s not clear why they would think that, because it literally happens all the damn time:


At this point, he has repeated this so many times that you’ve got to believe he may understand it at some level, but he surely knows that his supporters won’t know the difference between a quarter and a year.

Or, summed up…




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