Trump Calls Korea, Asks About ‘Rocket Man’ Then Drives Golf Ball Into Hillary Clinton’s Back

Pennywise, the orange clown President is back.

Paging John Kelly, paging John Kelly.

Pennywise, the racist orange clown (who lives with Steve Bannon in the back of the President’s mind) is loose again, and it looks like he’s tied up bipartisan Trump, locked him the basement, and stolen his phone.

For about a week, what counts as “presidential” Trump was basking in the MSM glow that accompanied his deal with Democrats on the debt ceiling. He was also busy tweeting conciliatory things about Dreamers, apparently after having dinner with his new frenemies “Chuck” and Nancy.

Of course Breitbart, Hannity, Coulter, and the rest of the circus freaks were busy lambasting sane Trump and asking when Pennywise was going to show back up.

Well on Sunday morning, the evil clown is back.

Trump kicked things off by sharing some of the “details” from his call with South Korean President Moon, and as you can see, Trump really knows how to strike a presidential tone:


So there’s one reference to Kim as “rocket man” and no empathy at all for the North Korean people who, apparently unbeknownst to Trump, are trapped in a living hell against their will and to the extent they’ve accepted their fate, it’s only because they are i) brainwashed from birth, and/or ii) will be killed if they’re caught trying to leave the country. He might as well be making fun of people in Florida lining up for gas ahead of Hurricane Irma. “How’s Crazy Wind Woman doing? Long gas lines forming in Florida. Too bad!

But it gets worse. He also retweeted a looped gif of himself driving a golf ball into the back of Hillary Clinton with the hashtag #CrookedHillary:

Someone will probably convince him to delete that, so just in case, here are two screenshots that he can’t delete:



He was also back to his old ways re: retweeting this “man”:


That’s “Trumpism 5.0™”

Just in case you were thinking about using that handle for your own social media activities, do note the “trademark” there.

Here’s another train (or, as Trump calls them, “choo choos”):

Here’s a map which, in reality, won’t look anything like this in 2020 if Trump is running…

….because as Ann Coulter notes, everyone wants him impeached now from Nazis to Antifa:

Then, in the grand finale, Trump retweeted this:


Which was originally tweeted by some random person pretending to be Lana Del Rey and whose recent tweets include this one which Trump didn’t retweet although you know he probably wanted to:


There you go America: that’s what your President has been up to on Sunday morning.

Oh, and at this point I would like to reach out to the Kremlin on behalf of Americans and ask if there’s anything you can do here. “You broke it, you own it.”



1 comment on “Trump Calls Korea, Asks About ‘Rocket Man’ Then Drives Golf Ball Into Hillary Clinton’s Back

  1. Thomas the Train

    Haha Trumpism 5.0. MAGA hat on a train. A Canadian National Railway train. How do you spell oxymoron? Funny.

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