‘You Are Here.’ Questions?

‘You Are Here.’ Questions?

Listen, if you're out there trying to pretend like this market isn't expensive, do yourself a favor: just stop. Because you're embarrassing yourself. The thing about being irrational is that it's always better to just admit that's what you're doing up front and then quickly double down by exclaiming that you plan to keep being irrational right up to and until being irrational stops being profitable. That's far preferable to trying to pretend like your behavior isn't manifestly unreasonable. Bu
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4 thoughts on “‘You Are Here.’ Questions?

  1. Good to hear from you.
    Just trying to be rational about this.
    Thanks for guiding this Saturday discussion.
    Sunday mornin” might start this week off with a “BANG”.
    STAY safe, more hurricanes forming also.

  2. In the event tax cuts get done including significant corporate rate cuts. The US market is not at all expensive. The US is expensive because the European economies have sold their soul to the welfare state and to Muslim immigration. We are the only country in the world with a chance

  3. we have been warned over and over by some very intelligent professional (big time) traders/trading desks/banking institutions.
    those that do not heed–do not blame.
    being late to the right side of the trade has grave consequences.
    heed the warnings the big boys are talking about.
    good luck to all.
    and as all ways,
    thanks Mr. H

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