Trump: ‘Protest Is Needed To Heel – And Heel We Will!’

"Sometimes protest is needed in order to heel."

Amid the ongoing protests in Boston and as our divided nation struggles to find some common ground in these difficult times, what’s needed is a leader who can unite us around a shared vision by delivering a message of hope.

And that leader is most assuredly not Donald Trump.

Behold: the leader of the free world…


And you’re not going to believe this, but he did it again 29 minutes later:


That’s right, folks: sometimes protest is needed in order to “heel.”

Even the Bloomberg Terminal is trolling him:


And so is the dictionary:

Now let’s all “heel” behind this grammatically-challenged orange autocrat.




9 comments on “Trump: ‘Protest Is Needed To Heel – And Heel We Will!’

  1. Anonymous

    Gundlach has been appointed Whitehouse TWITTER spokesman. Watch INSTAGRAM for his lesson on teaching a dog to heel.

  2. “Protest Is Needed To Heel – And Heel We Will!’”

    Ahhh! The ol’ Freudian slip. He’d better heel. The country is obviously not heeling to him.

  3. So, he misspelled “heil”. Big deal.

  4. Anonymous

    You know, there are some things you just cannot make up! He added the ‘s’ and restated his big finish. And I loved the tweet by Steve Burgess – does he have a sole. OMG! What an illiterate moron. LOL!

    – Murphy

  5. Possibly, he meant the second e of heel to be an i, which has an interesting meaning!

  6. Curt A Tyner

    This just may be helpful for the whole country? It is amazing.

  7. 33% of Americans are still with him. In light of the last nine days, I took the Park Service numbers for the American census for 1860: I included 18.5m for the union states; 5.5m for the confederate states (not including the slave population); 2.5m for the border states (not including the slave population). Border states had slavery but did not secede from the Union. The free white population of the confederate and border states made up about 30% of the total 26.6m.

    30% v 33%. Margin of error?
    Quite a coincidence.
    Is that good enough as a probability sampling?
    I have no idea.

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