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Breitbart: ‘This Is The Day Bannon The Barbarian Was Born’

Let's all pray Steve keeps his shirt on...

The question now is whether they’ll be a backlash from Breitbart and other nationalist media outlets that have thus far supported the President even as they have, at various times, lashed out at elements within the White House that were perceived as threats to Bannon’s agenda.

More broadly, Bannon had succeeded in institutionalizing bigotry and xenophobia and his presence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave did wonders to legitimize a poisonous ideology that has been relegated to the fringes of Western democracies since World War II.

What happens to that ideology now is anyone’s guess, but what we would suggest is that there will be an effort on the part of the alt-Right to claim that the Trump administration has been hijacked by war hawks and globalists.

That’s from our coverage of Steve Bannon’s exit from the Trump administration.

As a fun follow up, we also sent this to Breitbart’s market reporter:

Sure enough:

And do have a look at this, just out from Breitbart’s White House Correspondent (a position that probably shouldn’t exist, by the way):


Let’s all pray Steve keeps his shirt on…


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