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Trump Says Amazon Is Destroying ‘Towns, Cities, And States’

"Time to get tough."

Grasping at straws after yesterday’s epic meltdown, Donald Trump is on Twitter this morning and he’s taking aim at one of his favorite targets: Amazon.

Apparently, someone has told him about the carnage in the retail sector which, you’re reminded, tumbled on Tuesday despite a solid beat on retail sales.

Catalyzing the carnage yesterday were Dick’s, Advanced Auto Parts, and Coach…


…but really it’s just a matter of who’s going to carry the baton on any given day in terms of dragging the sector lower. It’s a death spiral and just to give you an idea, the retailer ETF is on pace for its worst year since the financial crisis:


Well some of this – actually a lot of this – is due to the Amazon effect.

Everyone knows that.

Donald Trump apparently knows it too:


Now keep in mind, Trump isn’t really mad at Amazon. Trump is mad at Jeff Bezos and he’s fucking incensed at the Washington Post. That’s why he’s doing this. It has absolutely nothing to do with Amazon putting brick-and-mortar out of business and nothing to do with taxes.

And all you have to do to see proof of that is look at his Amazon tweet history which quite clearly demonstrates that this is all about bad press from the Washington Post.


The other thing you’ll notice in those tweets is that if you’re looking for a used copy of “Time To Get Tough,” then the President thinks Amazon is a great place to find one.




2 comments on “Trump Says Amazon Is Destroying ‘Towns, Cities, And States’

  1. Trump is the poster-child for the difference between being “tough” and being obtuse. I pay sales taxes on all the stuff I buy from Amazon. I am not sure what world Trump lives in (but I wish he would stay the hell out of mine).

    What Trump and equally backward looking b&m retailers don’t get is that the retail paradigm has changed with the advent of Amazon’s inventor management processes, distribution and scaling – and most importantly, the majority of people like it. B&m retailers can either become a part of this new paradigm by implementing similar retail scaling and distribution technology, or they can do nothing – as they have and actually add to Amazon’s growing ability to take their market share while they “wait for the Amazon fad to pass” – and become a part of retail history like Woolworths, W.T. Grant and many, many others did when Walmart dominated retail.

    In the mean time, we have bigger problems to resolve than the death of inefficient and backward retailers failing to modernize as Trump continues to prove how sick our political system is and consequently how easily what we call democracy can be gamed by domestic and international players. Frankly, Amazon is the least of worries. I would swap Bezos as US President in a nano-second over the mentally and intellectually incompetent and now self-declared white supremacist/neoNazi Trump. And you are right – Trump is basically jealous of Bezos actual real business retail paradigm shifting success – compared to Trump’s own dubious efforts.

  2. Anonymous

    I took advantage of the enlarging click and was able to read the entries easily of the highlighted amazon tweets by assface. Nothing but love from April to Dec 7, 2015 – mostly praising his own book — something hit the fan on or a day before the morning of Dec 7, 2015 because he tweeted 3 nasty ones in 14 minutes. Loved the snotty one on Dec 23 when he was down on WaPo for a “nasty cartoon” done on Ted Cruz’s kids — wonder how those same kids felt when he called their mother ugly and their dad a liar a few months later?

    And the last one June 28, 2017 is rather confusing — he is either hating the media for “fake news” or somehow he has finally caught up to the current news about Amazon and taxes related to shipping to some states and is now thinking the whole story was fake news and is defending WaPo/Amazon now? Such a dolt, so hard to understand what he means – that happens a lot!

    His tweet this morning refers to “the tax paying retailers” compared to Amazon, reads that he is still hating on Amazon for not charging taxes to customers (which he has said before is unfair competition with brick & mortar retailers and is hurting their business unfairly.) So, has he shifted back to his original rants that Amazon is not charging taxes now … has he forgotten June 2017 when he called that “fake news”?

    I believe he is just confused, poor ignorant thing, he has heard that Amazon is killing the storefront retailers and he is assuming it is because of old old news about taxes not charged due to shipping to other states, that he even tweeted about a couple years ago. He does not understand that more people are ordering online rather than entering storefronts – and Amazon has cornered the market with their ideas and technology and pricing and a whole bunch of reasons – which is why I do 80% of my shopping with them! Many other retailers who snapped to the competition have online “catalogs” and are doing a great business but he does not even use a computer, so how would he know about all that?

    The only thing I am not confused about concerning him is that he is most definitely a racist pig. He sure cleared that up yesterday.

    – Murphy

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