KKK Grand Wizard Thanks Trump For ‘Courage’ While AFL-CIO Boss Quits Council

"Thank you President Trump"...

On the heels of Tuesday’s spectacular debacle in New York that culminated in a glowing- orange Donald Trump shouting about George Washington and demanding to know who in the room was a Thomas Jefferson fan, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has quit Trump’s manufacturing advisory council.

Here’s the statement:

What’s particularly amusing about that isn’t so much that he says Trump’s Tuesday meltdown was “the last straw” (it was the last straw for a whole lot of people, not just Trumka), but rather this bit:

President Trump’s manufacturing council was never an effective means for delivering real policy that lifts working families – it has become yet another broken promise on Trump’s record.

I mean thanks for noticing Richard, but newsflash: that was obvious from the word “go.”

Meanwhile, here’s what Leslie Brun, the lead director of Merck, had to say when asked about Trump’s tweet blasting the company’s CEO for leaving the council:

I was astounded though not surprised by the reaction of our president in casting personal stones immediately. It is sad that the level of discourse and leadership has fallen to personal name calling by the leader of the free world. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from a person in that position.

This is what happens folks. After all, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about.

Anyway, not everyone is upset about Trump’s remarks. For instance, David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, thinks the President is “honest and courageous.”

Thanks you

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3 comments on “KKK Grand Wizard Thanks Trump For ‘Courage’ While AFL-CIO Boss Quits Council

  1. You go, David. Yeah, I would like to thank you, the KKK and other neo-Nazis and most especially Trump, too – for openly admitting Trump is an acknowledged (and credited by) white supremacist and neo-Nazi enabler and supporter. Now there is no doubt who this useless con artist (Trump) really is. Now there is no doubt as to who his supporters and voters are from these days forward. They must be held accountable by their fellow Americans.

  2. Anonymous

    and I would like to add to my other comments (rants!) I have posted on this particular subject … this idiot and his comments as printed in the article above indicate he thinks all this brouhaha is about who owned slaves or even just slave ownership in general — he is so stupid, really a complete ignorant doofus.

    His yelling from the podium about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owning slaves and their statues and comparing that to Lee and the Confederate generals statues being removed – seriously just stupid – hard to define how stupid. Tell me, trump, what does slave ownership have to do with Nazi? and how about KKK – they were catching and killing runaway slaves and worse! He connects racism strictly to owning slaves?

    He is so far out of it, there is no way to reach him, to teach him, and cannot even just ignore him. Just remove him!

    – Murphy

  3. Newsflash – Pres Trump tweets to announce plans to repeal the 13th amendment
    “We’re rolling back Obamancipation – every American should have the constitutional right to have slaves like Washington did
    The ability to discriminate against people of inferior races is what made this country great
    It’s not entirely clear what he means by this or indeed by any of his tweets…

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