GoDaddy Shuts Down The Daily Stormer After Heinous Charlottesville Post

Good riddance.

You might recall that on Sunday, in the course of introducing a video that showed Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer placing the blame for Saturday’s violence squarely at the feet of Donald Trump, we gave you a peek into the digital world inhabited by the folks who showed up at the white supremacist rally.

Specifically, we said that in case you’re in any way unclear as to what the white supremacist crowd thinks about Donald Trump’s comments, you can read all about it via this “fun” excerpt from The Daily Stormer’s “coverage”:

Trump comments were good. He didn’t attack us. He just said the nation should come together. Nothing specific against us.

He said that we need to study why people are so angry, and implied that there was hate… on both sides!

So he implied the antifa are haters.

There was virtually no counter-signaling of us at all.

He said he loves us all.

Also refused to answer a question about White Nationalists supporting him.

No condemnation at all.

When asked to condemn, he just walked out of the room.

Really, really good.

God bless him.

Well, the Stormer wasn’t done.

Here’s what they published about the young woman who was killed:


That, for obvious reasons, was a bridge too far for GoDaddy.

Now, The Daily Stormer has 24 hours before they will be taken offline:


Here’s a statement provided to TechCrunch:

 We have informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service. If no action is taken after 24 hours, we will cancel the service. Given this latest article comes on the immediate heels of a violent act, we believe this type of article could incite additional violence, which violates our terms of service.


Good riddance.

And do note that although most alt-Right portals don’t take things as far as The Stormer, their reluctance to print headlines like the one shown above stems primarily from a desire to avoid being shut down. That is, it’s about self-preservation – not an overriding sense of decency.

So here’s hoping the same fate befalls the Stormer’s less overt, but equally insidious alt-Right brethren.


5 comments on “GoDaddy Shuts Down The Daily Stormer After Heinous Charlottesville Post

  1. That shouldn’t be the end of it
    the people behind the Daily Stormer near to spend a long time cooling down behind bars for their hate crimes.

  2. As offensive as the tweet is, the people to whom these type of tweets go out already think and speak this way and far worse. Yet, the value of publishing such words to Americans at large so their words can be read, and thereby make Americans aware of the kind of miscreants and filth Trump works so damn hard to protect and preserve.

    • Anonymous

      As disgusting as it was, as hard as it was, I watched the entire thread – all the way to the end — actually, the beginning – when they were arriving the night before and instructions and info was being passed along on the thread – which was set up as their main line of communication and source of what to do if and when, etc. First problem some encountered was lodging – some were being turned away from their reservations at airbnb but no reason was written – I can imagine the owners seeing what was moving in was reason enough to shut it down! They were told to find another person and double bunk and maybe they should have brought a tent. They were also told to leave their guns and weapons in their vehicles – not to carry into the event (as they called it, event) because they did not want a shoot out. And they were all told to stay in contact on the main thread so they would know of any change in instructions.

      They were expecting 750,000 people to arrive. They were dispatching orders to go to another location when they were being shut out of a park. They were told repeatedly to not fight with the cops. The Nazi group surrounded a small group, may 20 people, of protestors (against the Nazi group), and were maced and physically removed from the area. A phone video covered it all and the phone owner was one of the protestors screaming into the phone screen “where are all of you” and went on to ask for help to show these Nazis they are not welcome, etc., until he was maced and crying with snot running from his nose, begging for more people to help. Lord, he was scared, they were all scared, and they were trapped in a small circle around a statue with a hundred Nazis closing in and screaming at them — really horrible.

      What a bunch of sick insane people! They were screaming disgusting foul words against Jews, gays, blacks, absolutely outrageous things. They tweeted a horrible God awful message about the poor woman who died in that auto crush. There is a video (close to the top portion of the link) taken by someone in the middle of the scene of the crash – not seen on TV! – and how serious an injury was and the police arriving in a rush into the scene…and the utter chaos and shock.

      I have never seen anything like this other than in a movie — there should be laws written now that disallow such Nazi behavior — go to jail for public displays of Nazi or KKK behavior! Arrest and jailed – don’t issue Permits for this crap – do not allow it! We have laws about causing a riot. What the hell do you think this shit is!?!??!

      – Murphy

    • Anonymous

      this posted about one of the Nazi leaders, they call him Baked Alaska. poor guy, huh.

  3. The Daily Stormer’s visible existence is/was? the difference between the Trump Administration and those before it. As the memory of WWII and its Nazi atrocities faded, there have always been periodic out breaks of the variants of Nazism – and obviously even before WWII when you consider the KKK’s long infamous history.

    In the past, these fringe elements of society have been tamped down – back into the intellectual darkness of the holes they came out of by a non-accepting educated and political classes. That has changed with Trump – one of the KKK boys from birth. (

    Two types of people voted for Trump – those that didn’t know, or were in denial over his white supremacist beliefs even though they are well document, or those that voted for him because of his white supremacist beliefs. We won’t even get into his overt “grab’em by the pussy” misogynistic streak.

    Today, right now, what is left of the Republican Party after this past weekend – has to decide whether they will be painted with broad tarry brush of Nazism by the rest of civilization – as Trump openly embraces it, or they will have to become independents or Democrats – the latter admittedly being improbable. In any case it’s still up to the educated classes to make sure all Nazi’s, including Republican Nazi’s receive no more of a foot hold in our society than already granted by Trump – their Fuhrer.

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