Video: Charlottesville Mayor Says Trump Responsible For Deadly Nazi Rally

"Look at the campaign he ran."

Well, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer wasn’t impressed with Donald Trump’s half-hearted attempt to pretend like he cares about what happened in Virginia on Saturday.

You’re reminded what Singer said on Friday in response to the citronella, tiki torch march at UVA:

Everyone has a right under the First Amendment to express their opinion peaceably, so here’s mine: not only as the Mayor of Charlottesville, but as a UVA faculty member and alumnus, I am beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus.

Right. And see there’s really no other way to interpret it.

And in case you’re in any way unclear as to what the white supremacist crowd thinks about Donald Trump’s comments, here’s a fun excerpt from The Daily Stormer’s “coverage”:

Trump comments were good. He didn’t attack us. He just said the nation should come together. Nothing specific against us.

He said that we need to study why people are so angry, and implied that there was hate… on both sides!

So he implied the antifa are haters.

There was virtually no counter-signaling of us at all.

He said he loves us all.

Also refused to answer a question about White Nationalists supporting him.

No condemnation at all.

When asked to condemn, he just walked out of the room.

Really, really good.

God bless him.

Yes, “God bless him.”

Or, if you’re anyone besides a white nationalist, “goddamn him.”

Here’s what Michael Signer had to say about Trump this morning:


Just to drive that home, here’s the key quote:

Look at the campaign he ran. Look at the intentional courting, both on the one hand all of these white supremacist, white nationalist groups like that, anti-Semitic groups, and then look on the other hand the repeated failure to step up and condemn, denounce, silence, put to bed, all of those different efforts just like we saw yesterday, and this is not hard.

No, it’s “not hard.”

Unless you’re Donald Trump.



3 comments on “Video: Charlottesville Mayor Says Trump Responsible For Deadly Nazi Rally

  1. And we can be sure to expect 90-95% radio silence or puffed ambiguity from Republicans in the coming days as they hide behind their summer recess and in the holes their children and grandchildren are digging to China on the sunny beaches of American shores.

  2. I have been politically independent for quite some time. In national elections – I vote for independents or the lesser of evils like many Americans. I used to be a Democrat, but the Ds have made a lot of mistakes in recent years. It’s not that they don’t have good ideas, but those ideas have to work and work economically. Their mistakes are particularly in basic economics – because they can’t or won’t apparently do the math when in either the environmental, the educational, or the social planning that comes with leading the nation successfully. Their ideals simply will not work economically – no matter how socially attractive or politically expedient they might be.

    I’m glad I am an independent, and held my nose and voted against Trump. That said, I would rather be and idealistic math challenged Democrat these days – than wearing the Brown Shirts and Swastikas that Trump has forced all Republicans to wear under his leadership from yesterday forward. In six months time we have gone from a economically, bureaucratic and politically – dysfunctional society – to having open Nazi rallies and resulting violent confrontations in the State that hosts our Capitol’s District. Whether you’re a math challenged liberal, or a reality challenged social conservative – you don’t have to see where this trend line is taking you and your country.

    It’s time for the Republicans; the ones that still have any common sense and just a high school level of WWII history – the ones with a smidgen of decency left – the ones that actually don’t have neo-Nazi leanings – to extract their heads from their collective anus – and see exactly who they are standing with. Trump is white supremacist Nazi and clearly doesn’t deny it.

    Being a Republican today means you are now the equivalent of Nazi sympathizer – if not seen as actual Nazi fascist in the eyes of not just the US, but the entire world. If you are a Republican and think this is just a bunch of hyperbole and don’t think this will effect you – you are badly misjudging the majority of this country that are your neighbors, your teachers, and your bosses.

    You see who Trump is and now you see who his real supporters are. You are one them or you are not. There is no middle ground from here on. You don’t have to give up being a economic conservative, you don’t have to become a liberal, you don’t have to become a Democrat – but unless you are a Republican Nazi sympathizer – you can’t remain a supporter of the neo-Nazi, neo-Fuhrer Donald J. Trump and not be associated and lumped with his fellow Nazis and their unforgivable history.

  3. Curt A Tyner

    M & D good on both of you. Keep pumping out honest creative discussion and truth, thanks. H and group need to be commended for this open forum, much appreciated.

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