Trump Says ‘Fake Suppression Polls’ Are Out To Get Him As Leadership Index Plunges

And just when you thought the news flow had ground to a complete and total standstill for the day, Donald Trump pops up to rescue us all from the summer doldrums.

Trump may be on vacation (it’s a “working” vacation), but that doesn’t mean he’s not “covfefe AF” yo.


I don’t know if the timing is a coincidence or not, but the latest IBD poll is out and the news isn’t great for our “beleaguered” commander-in-chief. To wit:

The IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index fell a sharp 10.9% in August to 35.9. This is the lowest rating for Trump’s still-young presidency, and is the lowest it has been since President Bush’s last month in office, when the Leadership Index stood at 33.5.


The Leadership Index is comprised of three subindexes measuring the president’s favorability, job approval (see below), and whether he is providing strong or weak leadership. Trump lost significant ground on all three subindexes in July, with his leadership rating taking the hardest hit with a drop of 12.7%.

President Trump’s job approval rating dropped 5 percentage points in August to 32%, as support from Republicans took a substantial hit this month. The presidential approval rating hasn’t been this low since President Bush’s last month in office.


Notably, that comes from a company (IBD) that you’re probably used to seeing promoted between ads for self lubricating catheters and free Mesothelioma consultations. So it’s not exactly like they’re out to make things look worse than they are.

Well cue Trump with a little afternoon pick-me-up:


So you know, “who you gonna believe?” the “Fake News Suppression Polls” or an increasingly unhinged geriatric in orange face paint and a blond clown wig?

Up to you America.



One thought on “Trump Says ‘Fake Suppression Polls’ Are Out To Get Him As Leadership Index Plunges

  1. I gotta hand it to Americans, they are one tough bunch; few other countries could withstand this much humiliation.

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