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Uh-Oh: Mueller Asks White House To Hand Over Documents In Notable Escalation

For the first time, Mueller and his team have formally asked the White House to produce documents.

Well, following Thursday’s news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections and on the heels of subsequent reports that grand jury subpoenas had been issued in connection with the now infamous meeting between Trump Jr. and Russian go-betweens, it was just a matter of time before the next piece of incremental news hit.

Sure enough, just minutes ago we got this:


So that’s in reference to a NY Times piece out this evening which confirms that for the first time, Mueller and his team have formally asked the White House to produce documents.

You should note that this is not a formal subpoena. Or at least not yet. 

Apparently, Mueller is after records related to Michael Flynn’s Flynn Intel Group. 

The company was paid $530,000 to run a campaign to discredit an opponent of the Turkish government who has been accused of orchestrating last year’s failed coup in the country,” the Times reminds you, adding that “investigators want to know if the Turkish government was behind those payments — and if the Flynn Intel Group made kickbacks to the businessman, Ekim Alptekin, for helping conceal the source of the money.”

This would appear to be still more evidence that Mueller is completely ignoring Trump’s warning about keeping the investigation narrowly focused, as the requests appear to suggest that the Special Counsel probe is looking well beyond the issue of whether Flynn failed to register as a foreign agent.

The bottom line is this (again from the Times):

Taking money from Turkey or any foreign government is not illegal. But failing to register as a foreign agent is a felony, and trying to hide the source of the money by routing it through a private company or some other entity, and then paying kickbacks to the middleman, could lead to numerous criminal charges, including fraud.

You can begin to see why Flynn began seeking immunity earlier this year.

Then there’s this:

Prosecutors have also asked about the White Canvas Group, a data-mining company that was reportedly paid $200,000 by the Trump campaign for unspecified services. The Flynn Intel Group shared office space with White Canvas Group, which was founded by a former special operations officer who was a friend of Mr. Flynn’s.

Rest assured this is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

And this latest revelation just makes the following clip all the more hilarious…


20 comments on “Uh-Oh: Mueller Asks White House To Hand Over Documents In Notable Escalation

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for reporting. I’m really starting to enjoy this.

  2. Is there any chance you the H would be able to document where you were any where close to being as critical of previous administrations?
    Taking you seriously would mean that you are fair and balanced.

    Or not.

    • Yeah, no kidding, Heisenberg! Where were YOU when Obama was doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING as Trump is doing now?

      I don’t recall any of these far-left bloggers like you getting nearly this upset when the Clinton administration was caught paying billions in hush money to the disaffeced Dems group in Ohio to cover up the illegal voting operation there that won him the Electoral College.

  3. A good place to start would be mabey the clintons!
    Just a thought

  4. Anonymous

    Aw c’mon man…the Clinton’s are lily white, don’cha know that?

    • John Garvin

      What do the Clinton’s have to do with this? As Trump reminds us regularly, he is the POTUS.

  5. Anonymous

    BADGER, There was only one Clinton who was president and that was a long time ago — and he was actually “investigated” and yes, turned out he was guilty of having sex! There was even a couple of investigations of his wife over several years and ALL turned up with no charges, found nothing wrong, just a whole bunch of bullshit gossip. Then there was No Drama Obama – great president, huge approval numbers – absolutely nothing to investigate, ever, and he was in there for 8 years. Who else did you have in mind?

    – Murphy

    • Perhaps he’s referring to Project Nebula, where the Obama administration got caught on tape ordering the Department of Transportation to ferry millions of Mexicans across the border to cast votes in 2012 which was put Obama over the top in that fraudulent election. If memory serves they were all dropped off at pizza parlours in Texas then hyperlooped up to the states where he wanted them to vote using the secret tunnels built by FEMA and Elon Musk.

      • funny how folks really love to talk about how Trump is President, but they don’t like to acknowledge that the reason everyone is talking about him is precisely because he is President. You don’t get to point to something someone else did wrong to excuse something you did wrong.

        Me: “But officer, you shouldn’t give me a speeding ticket!”

        Officer: “Why not? You were speeding.”

        Me: “Well because someone else was speeding in the past and didn’t get a ticket.”

        Officer: “Sir, that doesn’t matter. You can say it’s hypocritical if you want, but the simple fact is, you are pulled over on the side of the road and I’m writing you this ticket.”

  6. Curt A Tyner

    This is a really big iceberg. For anyone not familiar with icebergs only about 10% is showing out of the water hence “the tip of the iceberg”. Just in case any poorly educated wanted to follow along. That’s pretty rude, I should apologize, na fu*k it.

  7. Anonymous

    SIXTH ESTATE – what the hell are you talking about? Wasn’t Project Nebula some sort of Play Station game? Nothing else in your comments makes any sense at all. Sounds like something you just made up — or put together from other complete nonsense spewed by FOX or Alex Jones! Total Trash. I challenge you to find a link to any documentation to one word of your insane comments!

    I can clearly tell you are a member of the Trump Cult therefore you must try your best to cast aspersions upon Mr. Obama – careful, that’s really close to slander.

    – Murphy

    • Sorry, I thought I was so over the top I didn’t need to flag that it was sarcasm.

      • Anonymous

        Well, at least I was right! you did make it all up! and YES it was way over the top and you are now listed as a “fucking idiot” on my desk pad. Your first comment posted way up above seems so in line with the next one, just above, you sure hid that “sarcasm” well. Or just trolling? Convince me.

        – Murphy

  8. Murphy,

    A number of the other times I’ve commented on this blog it’s been in response to someone telling Heisenberg to stop writing about politics, which struck me as ridiculous. This was obviously another occasion, but I figured that the only response merited by such a preposterous comment as the one I was replying to was to demonstrate a superior level of paranoia.

    You may of course hold whatever impressions you wish of me, but I would hope my admittedly spotty posting record on this site would demonstrate I am not simply a pro-Trump troll.

  9. Anonymous

    6th Canadian Guy: yeah, sure, eh?

    – Murphy 🙂

    • We FSB colonels frequently use Canadian Twitter handles as cover. It’s almost as good as running a pizza shop, but much cheaper because you don’t have to invest in tunnel building.

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