What’s It Like To Be Robert Mueller?

What’s It Like To Be Robert Mueller?

******************** From a (much) longer piece by Jane Chong, Quinta Jurecic, Benjamin Wittes for Lawfare What does the world look like today if you’re Robert Mueller? You’ve got a huge, sprawling, immeasurably complicated job, and the President of the United States has just put you on notice of what you already have long suspected: You may not have much time. A pair of stories published this week by the New York Times and Washington Post announced that the White House is lookin
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One thought on “What’s It Like To Be Robert Mueller?

  1. The longer piece ends with “If you’re Robert Mueller today, you’re probably thinking about how to make sure that even if you are fired, critical information finds its way to where it needs to go.” It needs to go into the hands of law enforcement authorities that can act upon and persecute crimes, should any be found, and that would be state and local prosecutors tot he extent allowed by law. If Trump has the audacity to fire Mueller, after firing Comey, then he has the audacity to snuff anyone in the chain at DOJ that poses a threat to him and family, and moving forward he will spiking the DOJ with his own ringers. It’s difficult to imagine Mueller and his team, once fired, to merely sit back and allow the vacuum to be filled by Trump with his own people and allow the matter to die on the vine, if Mueller has determined that Trump and or his people were knee deep in criminality or wrongful conduct, or the Russians and Trump had collaborated during the election campaign to infect our electoral process, or that the Russians without Trump had in some fashion infected our electoral process.

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