Welcome To The Scaramucci Propaganda Era

Welcome To The Scaramucci Propaganda Era

Don't forget: https://twitter.com/jayrcastillo24/status/888483007010680832/photo/1 https://twitter.com/JeffreyGuterman/status/888471065055436802 ********** By Jennifer Palmieri for WaPo When I was White House communications director for President Barack Obama I would warn the White House press corps that they were living on borrowed time. At the Obama White House, we often chose to go outside regular channels to communicate with the American public. Still, we respected the institutional i
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One thought on “Welcome To The Scaramucci Propaganda Era

  1. “In his mind, reporters do not exist to press him for answers on behalf of the American people but to communicate whatever message Trump chooses to give the American public.”

    Consider that Trump has always been an advertiser of his businesses – paying the media to present his promotional messages – not necessarily or even frequently the truth. He is intellectually incapable of understanding the difference of the service position of President that he is in now, and how he has always run his “business.” He simply sees the American Presidency as a new Trump owned business enterprise. The fact that he can’t buy everyone needed to make him look successful, has to be and obviously is – very frustrating to him.

    Not defending Trump here – ever, but how is his “lying that different (other than its embarrassing obviousness) from any past President? By definition “politics” is the “shaping” of the “truth” (otherwise widely known as lying) to fit the said politician’s agenda, the respective voter base needs, Party needs, or their personal well being – and most especially least of all considering of the well being of the general public.

    And so you also forget that the media has no sainthood regarding the truth. In the reporters mind – and in reality – they exist to present whatever perspective slant that their editors, advertisers and other “sponsors” allow or require them to.

    That any real truth comes from either the Oval Office, the President or the media covering him – is undeniably accidental – unless it conveniently serves the vested interests/well being of both.

    Trump didn’t invent lying, but he did financially support its R&D. Yes, he lies constantly – if not well. For Trump at 71, “practice has not made perfect’ regarding to his skills at lying. On the other hand skilled lying is difficult if you can’t even create a complete sentence.

    When you own your own business you can hire or fire all the “yes” men (Apprentices) you need to make you secure in your own mistakes, denials of lies or failures you need to impress yourself, if not all those around you. Not to worry, if you achieve enough wealth, there will be enough “hangers-on” and “brown nosers” so you won’t likely notice – Trump apparently didn’t.

    Not unlike an amateur magician performing slight of hand – you can frequently see the “lie” cards up Trump’s sleeve in his efforts to misdirect from the primary purposes of his actions – denying the truth. He is an embarrassment to the countries previous leadership – even GW Bush (something that I thought was impossible until I saw it with my own eyes) and the American people. Especially the people that voted for him – even if many aren’t capable of knowing it.

    However, it isn’t Trump (as god awful a failure as he is) that needs fixing (replacement definitely – and neutering/”fixing” would have been a great idea (considering Donald Jr., but apparently that ship has also sailed). It is the grossly monetized for profit political party election industry that produced Trump (and that we people have allowed) and as well so many other political hack incompetents – that so badly needs to overhauled completely to prevent this dysfunctional democratic cluster fuck from happening again.

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