You’ve ‘Got A Case To Be Worried’: Analysts Weigh In On North Korea ‘ICBM’ Launch

Obviously, it's impossible to know what to make of North Korea's Fourth of July gift to the United States, given that the information coming from Pyongyang is inherently unreliable. They launched a missile, but they do that about as often as Elon Musk does, and you can hardly depend on DPRK pronouncements to assess the threat posed by what they claim is an ICBM. The real wild card, though, is Trump. Washington has been dealing with the regime in Pyongyang for decades, but the world has onl

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2 thoughts on “You’ve ‘Got A Case To Be Worried’: Analysts Weigh In On North Korea ‘ICBM’ Launch

  1. House of Cards, Season 5, Episode 10.

    “Clair Underwood: What was that word you said to me this morning. The one no one uses anymore?

    Tom Yates: Crepuscular

    Claire: Right

    Tom: Some of my favorite animals are crepuscular.”

    Trump. Underwood. So much in common.

    1. I don’t watch House of Cards…..BUT I do love the word crepuscular and then you throw in Trump and my mind immediately thinks Bat shit Crazy!

      – Murphy

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