Trump Says ‘Crazy’, ‘Low IQ’, ‘Psychos’ Who ‘Bleed Badly From The Face’ Not Welcome At Mar-a-Lago

Wake up, America, it’s time for your “covfefe“!

And President Crazy-Orange-Juice-Man is servin’ that shit up pipin’ hot.

About 24 hours after attacking Jeff Bezos and Amazon in 140-characters worth of gibberish that only makes sense in the context of Trump’s previous tweets about Amazon, the leader of the free world hit us with this:


Now just to be clear, Trump isn’t the first person to make fun of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, but this is another one of those times (and there are at least four or five of them every, single day) when it doesn’t seem to occur to him that he is the goddamn President of the United States. 

Just to drive home how absolutely insane those comments are coming from the commander in chief, here’s what they would look like as press releases (regular readers know we always show these alongside Trump’s tweets to illustrate the sheer absurdity inherent in what he’s doing):

I guess the question here is this: who’s really the “psycho” in this scenario?


Oh, and cue Mika…


2 comments on “Trump Says ‘Crazy’, ‘Low IQ’, ‘Psychos’ Who ‘Bleed Badly From The Face’ Not Welcome At Mar-a-Lago

  1. There’s a quick and easy solution to the Trump problem. It lays in the hands of any accredited officer or agent of the Department of Mental Health of the District of Columbia. He or she has to have reason to believe, like everyone else in the world does, that Trump is mentally ill, and that because of his mental illness he is likely to injure others if he is not immediately detained and take him into custody and transport him to a private hospital for his admission for purposes of emergency observation and diagnosis. Once they get their hands on him, they’ll never let him out cause he’ll claim to be the President of the United States! No one will believe him, not in a hundred years!

    The Dx: Crazy as a cockroach!!

    § 21–521., Code of District of Colombia

    • Anonymous

      How about starting a Petition for all Americans to sign….. I will happily be first to sign! and then who do we present it to…..the GOP’s are blind, deaf and dumb.

      – Murphy

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