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CNN’s Acosta Loses It, Calls WH Spineless As Spicer Dodges Questions

"Call me old fashioned but I think the WH should have the backbone to answer questions on camera."

Obviously, Sean Spicer is terrible at his job.

But in fairness to Sean, his job is impossible.

By his own admission, Trump makes it difficult for his surrogates to stay on message by contradicting not only his own communications team, but also himself.

Throw in the fact that everything he says is a lie, and you’ve got yourself a situation where building trust and credibility with the press corps is a lost cause.

Well, after months of speculation, it looks like Spicer might finally be replaced. Here’s Bloomberg:

The White House is weighing whether to move Press Secretary Sean Spicer into a more senior role focused on strategy and bring in a new spokesman for the president, two people familiar with the discussions said.

The president has both praised and castigated Spicer for his performances at the briefing room podium but has never told him he was in danger of being fired.

“We have sought input from many people as we look to expand our communications operation,” deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who herself has been rumored as a replacement for Spicer, said in a statement. “As he did in the beginning, Sean Spicer is managing both the communications and press office.”

Bloomberg goes on to note that recently, “a number of Spicer’s question-and-answer sessions with reporters have been conducted off-camera, including on Monday.”

That pushed CNN’s Jim Acosta over the edge this afternoon after Spicer refused to acknowledge him, in favor of a Russian reporter. Here’s Acosta’s angry response:

Needless to say, this isn’t doing much to dispel the notion that this administration is engaged in deliberate obfuscation…


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