“I’ll Get Impeached If It Kills Me”: Trump Considers Firing Mueller, Attacks Judges, “Dirty, Sad” Press

So Donald Trump is, by some accounts, about to make a catastrophic mistake.

I mean, he makes catastrophic mistakes all the time, but now, he’s thinking about firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

That’s according to Christopher Ruddy, a friend of Trump’s and the CEO of the conservative Newsmax Media. Here’s Ruddy:

That comes on the heels of comments attributed to Newt Gingrich who on Sunday told old radio host John Catsimatidis this:

Congress should abolish the independent counsel. I think Congress should now intervene and they should abolish the independent counsel. Because Comey makes so clear that it’s the poison fruit of a deliberate manipulation by the FBI director leaking to The New York Times, deliberately set up this particular situation. It’s very sick.

The former House Speaker took it up a notch on Monday:

Some folks were understandably confused, given that would be the same Newt who tweeted this just last month:

So from Mueller is “impeccable” and “honest” and “media should calm down” to it’s completely “delusional” to think Mueller is honest and everyone should freak the fuck out, in the short space of three weeks. Thanks, Newt. That really clears things up.

Make no mistake, firing Mueller would be a PR disaster for Trump. It would put him in the position of having fired the FBI Director leading the investigation into the administration’s ties to Moscow and then firing the special counsel appointed to resume that same investigation.

Nope, nothing suspicious about that.

And indeed, it wouldn’t matter, as Adam Schiff made abundantly clear:

Trump’s aides also realize how it would look.

“He is being advised by many people not to do it,” a source close to the President said, adding that “no one is recommending it.”

Of course “no one is recommending” Trump continue to attack the judiciary and the free press on Twitter either, but that’s exactly what the President did this morning, as he fumed about the 9th Circuit’s latest move to impede his travel ban.

“We conclude that the President, in issuing the Executive Order, exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress,” the Appeals court said, in a decision handed down Monday. “Immigration, even for the President, is not a one-person show.”

Now cue Trump:

Just to show you how absolutely oblivious Trump truly is, this latest Twitter attack on the judiciary comes despite the fact that the court cited Trump’s previous tweets in their decision. Here’s the quote:

Indeed, the President recently confirmed his assessment that it is the ‘countries’ that are inherently dangerous, rather than the 180 million individual nationals of those countries who are barred from entry under the President’s ‘travel ban.’

And here’s the tweet that references:

Thankfully, the fact that Trump is even considering firing Mueller and the fact that he just tweeted about the 9th Circuit a day after the court cited the President’s tweets in an unfavorable ruling proves (again) that Trump will not stop until he has gotten himself impeached.



2 thoughts on ““I’ll Get Impeached If It Kills Me”: Trump Considers Firing Mueller, Attacks Judges, “Dirty, Sad” Press

  1. This guy is a black hole sucking up anyone and everything that get’s close. The waste and abuse to our country is appalling and still the fu*king republicans (with the help of some democrats) stand silent while moving on with the “steal everything you can plan”. The 99% is already down to skin and bones and still they want more (where is Ted Kennedy, “HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH”).

    Folks if you are a republican, conservative democrat or an independent this much I do know, “YOU WILL NEVER GET INTO THE CLUB, NO WAY NO HOW. You are the sucker, the dupe, the lamb led the slaughter because you fall for the scam every time. THEY use religion, god, the baby jesus, gays, your job anything to keep you from the truth. Which is, THEY don’t give a sh*t about you or your family. Just look at the Ryan/McConnell legislative agenda, THEY want to throw you off healthcare to reward Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, “big everything” as the (Citizens United) economy goes into the toilet.

    Folks this is what 20 trillion $$$$’S LOOKS LIKE 20,000,000,000,000 and that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our debt from NOW into the foreseeable FUTURE. One trillion=2.8 billion years. We are in a sh*tstorm and are rudderless as our leaders lie, cheat and steal whatever wealth we have left. Central banks are printing $$$$’s that have NO VALUE (It’s just paper) day in day out. Debt, debt, debt and more debt is swallowing us up like a gigantic tidal wave that will leave us and the planet in peril. Anyone who says different is lying. Perspective: http://kingworldnews.com/paul-craig-roberts-this-will-complete-the-economic-destruction-of-america-and-the-world/ If that doesn’t do it try this: http://kingworldnews.com/top-european-firm-just-warned-expect-see-significant-upheaval-coming-years/

  2. This Ruddy guy is way too close to Trump and Trump thinks he is wonderful. This article was published a couple days after this column was posted. Just the photo of him with Trump in the oval office is reason alone to get trump out of there! WaPo article will give you more detail about this creep.

    He is a conspiracy theorist who made headlines during the Clinton era and Trump is right there with him:

    It is almost impossible to even believe that this type of cretin is living in the WH. Ruddy claims a lot of pride in helping to move him into the WH. His trash Newsmax worked feverishly since 2012 to encourage their over 7 million subscribers to vote trump. That was the beginning of the “cult” of Deplorables. Trump appeals to them to continue their support today. If you erased the money that trump inherited and the mingling with a group of millionaires for years, he would simply be one of those deplorables. It comes naturally to him. Money cannot buy class.

    I won’t go into my diatribe of how we ended up with this punk as our president, besides if you are a regular reader here, you’ve already heard it a couple of times! ha! Just add to all those other words that Ruddy is also responsible for showing his kind who to vote for and they bought it hook, line and sinker. Check out those links above. Yep, that guy stands beside Trump in the WH.

    – Murphy

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