Monday Humor: Support For Impeaching Trump Now Higher Than His Approval Rating

Monday Humor: Support For Impeaching Trump Now Higher Than His Approval Rating

As you know, Donald Trump is trying his best to get himself impeached.

The chances he’ll be forced from office or else simply resign seem to rise by the week as new information continues to surface about his administration’s ties to the Kremlin.

Suspicion of treasonous collusion with a hostile foreign power and blatant attempts to obstruct justice by interfering with the multiple investigations into that alleged collusion would probably be enough to put Trump on the path to impeachment. But just in case lawmakers need a little extra incentive, the President likes to remind everyone just how unhinged he is on a daily basis by providing America with a window into the brain that sits beneath the blonde beaver pelt perched atop his aging skull.

Trump’s latest Twitter tirade came on Monday morning when he lashed out at everyone from the courts, to the DoJ, to the Mayor of London (see here).

Well in a testament to just how tenuous this situation is becoming for Trump, a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows forty-three percent of voters want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.


The punchline: in the latest Gallup poll, Trump’s approval rating is just 36%:



4 thoughts on “Monday Humor: Support For Impeaching Trump Now Higher Than His Approval Rating

  1. When I hear Pence “introduce” Trump to the podium for a speech – this morning on Infrastructure crap – it makes me truly sick to my stomach to hear him rave about how great Trump is and how lucky we are to have Trump as our leader AND his voice changes to such a fake praising tone….truly sickening. So Pence you are cancelling any points you may have to just step into the Presidency without a group already to throw your ass to the curb too. We already don’t like you due to your puritan attitudes and add praising Trump, Buddy, you will be history in no time.

    – Murphy

  2. The policies remain the same. If you want them implemented efficiently, then you need to favor impeachment and removal. If you want incompetence and inability to effect, then keep the current occupants. Of course, with the latter, you get a certain randomness and increased likelihood of unforeseen events.
    Pick your poison accordingly.

  3. Wow Hillary must have been really horrible for this guy Trump to beat her like a drum. Was she was the best the democrat party had to run against this guy Trump?

    1. well I will never forgive the Democrats for that — We wanted Joe Biden to run – everyone loves Joe – but horribly his son had just died from brain cancer (I think that was it) and the family was devastated of course. And I have to agree, not a good idea, even if Joe could have mustered up the Will to Win, Repubs would have crucified him because his son just died and he’s now out running for…..well, you know how horrible the social media is these days – they would have destroyed the family that was already suffering. And I really don’t have a favorite besides Joe. He is being encouraged to run in 2020 but I don’t think he will – he’s not that young! But we have time to figure that out before then. Hillary’s best shot was pretty good on several points…..first female and we are ready for that….. she is NOT a crook, has been investigated more than anyone on the face of the earth but again, social media and Trump was really bad, ranting lies constantly, old lies but his core group believes he is reborn Jesus; Comey FBI less than a week from voting screwed up big time, which he regrets now; and Grandpa Bernie, I liked him a lot and almost flipped a coin for him but he was Independent and would take votes from Hillary and she could not afford to lose them….so me and too many others considered him and many voted for him. She did in fact have 3 million more popular votes and she should have won but the damned Electoral College made the final decision with their votes and put Trump in office —- I suspect the Electoral Voters are still hiding out! That should not have happened BUT there are too many of the Electoral Voters who are repub – though some of those did vote for Hillary! – but not enough to give the win to her. I personally want to shut down the Electoral College. Any more questions? hahaha!

      – Murphy

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